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Staff Directory

Office of the CEO

Business Affairs & Research

Industry Investment & Attraction

  • Ali Areesh Somani
    Administrative Coordinator, Industry Investment & Attraction, 416-642-6626

Industry Development

  • Erin Creasey
    Director, Industry Development, 416-642-6650
  • Jaymie Flis
    Program Coordinator, (Interactive Digital Media), 416-642-6697
  • Abdirisaq Gedleh
    Projects and Communications Assistant, 416-642-6684
  • Kim Gibson
    Program Consultant, (Interactive Digital Media), 416-642-6651
  • Gabriela Greco
    Program Coordinator, (Film & TV), 416-642-6695
  • Danielle Hébert
    Program Consultant, (Interactive Digital Media), 416-642-6687
  • Karam Masri
    Program Consultant, (Film & TV), 416-642-6654
  • Anna Newallo
    Program Consultant, (Film & TV), 416-645-8521
  • Amrit Randhawa
    Program Consultant, (Magazine & Interactive Digital Media) (A), 416-642-6627
  • Bianca Spence
    Program Consultant, (Book), 416-642-6698
  • Maiya Went
    Program Coordinator, 416-642-6652

Ontario Film Office

Ontario Music Office

  • Marina Adam
    Director, Ontario Music Office, 416-572-0435
  • Matt Badoe
    Program Consultant, Ontario Music Office, 416-645-8514
  • Ward Dilse
    Program Consultant, Ontario Music Office, 416-645-8524
  • Noah Gruneir
    Program Coordinator, Ontario Music Office, 416-572-0436
  • Paige Guscott
    Program Coordinator, Ontario Music Office, 416-642-6696
  • Michelle Holtzkener
    Program Consultant, Ontario Music Office, 416-572-0434

Tax Credits & Financing Programs

Ontario Creates is committed to fostering and sustaining a respectful workplace. Ontario Creates expects that all interactions with Ontario Creates staff will adhere to Ontario Creates’ respectful workplace policies:

  • A respectful workplace is one that values diversity and inclusion, dignity, courteous conduct, fairness, positive communication and professional working relationships.
  • A respectful workplace is inclusive, diverse, equitable, accessible and free from workplace harassment and discrimination including sexual harassment