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Ontario Creates AODA Annual Status Report 2018

In its Multi-Year Accessibility Plan, 2018 to 2022, Ontario Creates committed to providing annual updates on progress toward plan goals and milestones. The points below summarize key accomplishments in this calendar year.

In 2018, Ontario Creates:

  • Created a new cross-departmental accessibility team which meets quarterly and reports annually to the Senior Management Team;
  • Finalized an Action Plan for implementing the new Multi-Year Accessibility Plan 2018-2022;
  • Began work on various components of an internal resource guide to assist with Program and Service design, and to respond effectively to requests for alternate formats or accommodations;
  • Created a dedicated Accessibility Resources area in SharePoint accessible by staff;
  • Prepared a list of training courses available to staff;
  • Followed up with respondents to the Client Satisfaction Survey who shared views on accessibility;
  • Updated the internal Ontario Creates Accessibility Policy;
  • Continued to follow OPS procedures with regard to hiring, recruitment and performance management;
  • Continued to hold all corporate events in accessible venues, and include active offers of accommodation in all event invitations;
  • Continued to comply with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation;
  • Continued to ensure that key documents such as Year in Review and Industry Profiles are posted in a fully accessible format;
  • Continued to follow OPS procedures with regard to procurement; and
  • Continued to offer a diversity enhancement component in the Film Fund designed to encourage and provide support to films that, in their voice, story, language elements or diversity of key creatives, meet the provincial definition of diversity (which includes physical and intellectual ability). Diversity was also introduced as an evaluation criterion across all grant programs.
  • Through the Magazine Fund, supported Canadian Abilities Magazine to make their website AODA compliant, and to create a searchable case study repository for AODA best practices.