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Tax Calculator

This calculator is intended as a tool only and not a guarantee of a production’s eligibility for the tax credit, or the amount they will receive. The Canada Revenue Agency determines the final tax credit amount in accordance with the legislation.

A. Proportional assessment of Assistance in respect of Production Costs for Eligible Production Expenditures

Proportionate to Eligible Production Expenditures


Estimate of Total Paid Eligible Ontario Production Expenditure
LESS: Deferrals (applies if these amounts are included in the Estimate of Total Eligible Ontario Production Expenditure entered in A. above)

Total Deferrals

Proportionate to Eligible Production Expenditures
Proportionate in respect of Production Costs for Eligible Production Expenditures

LESS: Assistance

Total Assistance

Estimate of Qualifying Ontario Production Expenditure:


${ creditRate }

Total Ontario Labour Expenditure x 4 (QPE Limit)*

OPSTC Estimate

OPSTC Estimate

*At least 25% of the qualifying production expenditures claimed must relate to labour amounts paid to Ontario based individuals. This amount includes the corporation’s eligible salary and wages and the labour portion of the corporation’s eligible service contract expenditures paid to Ontario-based individuals. The QPE limit is based on the salaries and wages and remuneration paid in each taxation year. See this spreadsheet to assist you in determining the production’s qualifying production expenditures.

  • Tax credit estimates prepared by Ontario Creates may vary from those of the calculator based on information contained in a tax credit application.
  • For further information about eligibility or the terms used in the calculator, please see our Frequently Asked Questions here.
  • For help, please contact Tax Credits phone duty: 416-642-6659 or
  • Ontario Production Services Tax Credit (OPSTC)