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Book Fund Jury Guidelines and Application Form

Ontario Creates is seeking applications from qualified industry professionals to be jurors for the Ontario Creates Book Fund program. The program is adjudicated by three jurors comprised of two industry experts and one Ontario Creates representative. The ideal candidate will have senior industry knowledge and experience, with current activities unlikely to pose a conflict of interest with the role of juror.

The Ontario Creates Book Fund is designed to increase financial viability and overall business growth of Ontario-based publishers through marketing initiatives which profile the works of Canadian authors to both foreign and domestic markets and activities that build on digital capacity that enable publishers to achieve business development and/or marketing objectives that best suit their individual corporate goals. Funding will be provided to support projects that have clear, objective and measurable results and/or indicate direct and positive impact that on the overall long-term business growth of the book publisher.

Juror Responsibilities

  • Thorough knowledge of the program
  • Participate in a pre-jury briefing to discuss roles and responsibilities of the juror
  • Enter into a Juror Agreement and a Confidentiality Agreement with the Ontario Creates
  • Individually review all eligible applications received for the program as provided by Ontario Creates
  • Assess each application based on specific program criteria and assign a numerical score accordingly based on the forms provided by Ontario Creates
  • Attend one full day Jury Meeting with other jurors to jointly review the applications and determine final recommendations

Time Commitment

It is estimated that the reviewing process may take up to 110 hours, spread over a 4 to 5 week time period between late June and end of July. Jurors will receive an appropriate honorarium based on the volume of applications received and the review time required.

Juror Requirements

  • Wide-range of experience in a senior position(s) in the Canadian book publishing industry: specific marketing expertise and strong knowledge of digital publishing issues and processes essential
  • Good understanding of the book publishing industry and current trends and development across different genres helpful
  • Maintain in strict confidence your role as Juror until after the adjudication process
  • Maintain in strict confidence all Confidential Information and take reasonable precautions against accidental disclosure of same
  • Not directly or indirectly use the Confidential Information for any purpose, except in the performance of your duties for Ontario Creates
  • Indicate if you are associated in any way with any applicant company or principals of a company that is eligible to submit to the Ontario Creates Book Fund program and, at the application review stage, declare any conflicts of interest that may arise

“Confidential Information” means all information (whether oral, written, in computer readable format or otherwise), data and material acquired by the juror from Ontario Creates or in connection with the performance of their duties for Ontario Creates.

Additional Information

  • The jury members will not have access to an applicant’s corporate financial statements
  • Jury comments may be relayed to the applicant
  • Evaluation forms and jury comments may be available through the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)
  • Juror names may be released once all decisions have been made
  • Please see the appendix below the application form for a link to information on the program and a list of project types that have received funding

Ontario Creates strives to compose juries that reflect diversity in Ontario as described in the Government of Ontario’s definition of diversity and/or gender parity. The provincial definition states: the dimensions of diversity include, but are not limited to: ancestry, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, language, physical and intellectual ability, race, religion (creed), sex, sexual orientation and socio-economic status.

Ontario Creates is grateful for your interest in participating in this important process. It is anticipated that a substantial number of industry experts will respond to the Call for Application. In light of this, only those invited to be a juror for the Ontario Creates Book Fund will be contacted. Ontario Creates maintains an active list of potential jurors.


Please direct any enquiries to: 

Program Coordinator, Industry Initiatives
Phone: 416-642-6652


  1. Information on the Ontario Creates Book Fund.
  2. The following are the type of projects that have received funding in the past. Jurors must be capable of assessing similar types of projects:
  • Online marketing: e marketing campaigns; creation of podcasts, webcasts to promote authors; upgrading websites to allow for online interviews, blogs etc.
  • Social Media development, campaigns
  • Development of alternate sales and distribution platforms
  • Special app development
  • New digital formats for book content
  • Targeted ad campaigns
  • Author tours/campaigns
  • Specific promotions with retailers – chain, independent bookstores, libraries, specialty stores
  • Specialized catalogues/targeted mailings
  • Events: readings, launches, etc.
  • Specific title promotions
  • General event promotions: anniversary, selected authors, theme
  • Hiring of freelance/short-term publicists to assist on specific projects
  • Special publisher information sessions about publisher titles to libraries/schools
  • Library and school offers and special events
  • Participation in various domestic trade fairs and events
  • Digitization projects which include marketing of product
  • POD projects which include promotion/marketing of product