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Playwrights Canada Press is a trailblazing publishing company that specializes in sharing new Canadian plays with the occasional theatre history, reviews and biographies. From their humble beginnings of publishing four to six titles annually to now releasing approximately 30 books a year, the heart of their success lies in their commitment to diversity, highlighting a diverse range of published playwrights across Canada including translating French plays into English.

Through the support of the Ontario Creates Book Fund, Playwrights Canada Press has been able to make technological and accessibility upgrades. These initiatives not only preserve the legacy of Canadian plays but also ensure they remain accessible to a wider audience, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic cultural experience for all.

Beyond financial support, Ontario Creates has supported Playwrights Canada Press in exploring export opportunities, providing valuable resources and guidance in navigating international markets. This collaborative effort has empowered Playwrights Canada Press to strategically position its publications globally, reaching diverse audiences and enhancing the international visibility of Ontario authors and the Press.

In the dynamic world of Canadian theatre, Playwrights Canada Press stands independently, a testament to its own evolution and success, fueled by the supportive elements provided by Ontario Creates. Playwrights Canada Press continues to make lasting contributions to the rich tapestry of Ontario literary arts, forging its own distinct path in our cultural landscape.

Playwrights Canada Press, established in 1984 and independently incorporated in the early 2000s, is a dynamic publishing house dedicated to showcasing new Canadian plays and contributing to the rich tapestry of Canadian theatrical literature. With a mission to elevate the profile of Canadian theatre, the company publishes diverse and compelling works, including plays, theatre history, criticism, and biographies. In a commitment to foster a broad range of voices, the Press publishes approximately thirty titles a year, extending their reach all across Ontario.


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