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CaribbeanTales is a cinematic powerhouse dedicated to reflecting the diversity and creativity of Caribbean heritage and cultures.

Central to the CaribbeanTales’ mission is the promotion of stories by people of colour. Recognizing the need for representation and support for underrepresented voices, Frances-Anne Solomon, the Founder and CEO of CaribbeanTales, took matters into her own hands, establishing a company and training initiative.

CaribbeanTales, a Canadian charity established over two decades ago, is dedicated to fostering intercultural understanding through the creation and dissemination of films that celebrate the diversity of Canadian heritage and cultures. Registered in 2014, their vision is to shape an inclusive Canadian audiovisual landscape. CaribbeanTales connects people through film, offering workshops, private screenings, and a platform for Caribbean filmmakers, contributing to a vibrant and diverse film industry while fostering global dialogue and understanding.


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