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Celebrating 194 years of uninterrupted publication, Broadview has evolved into a cherished magazine, providing readers with award-winning coverage of spirituality, justice, and ethical living. In each edition, Broadview remains a testament to the continued power of the written word and visual storytelling, serving as a bridge between the past, present, and future. Learn more about Broadview and their success story!

Broadview is a distinguished Canadian magazine that is celebrated for its award-winning coverage of spirituality, justice, and ethical living. Their mission is simple: to create engaging stories and images that inspire readers on a quest for purpose-filled lives. With a focus on progressive Christianity, Editor and Publisher Jocelyn Bell seeks to create an inclusive space for readers alike. Broadview delves into social justice issues on local, national, and global levels, encouraging readers to engage with contemporary challenges from both faith-based and civic perspectives. Serving as a platform for introspection, Broadview fosters a community that deeply examines beliefs, values, and societal responsibility.


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Ontario Creates, an agency of the provincial government, acts as a dynamic catalyst for economic growth, investment, and collaboration within Ontario’s vibrant creative sectors. From music and books to film, television, and digital media, the agency fosters a thriving environment. Through targeted programs, innovation support, and strategic partnerships, Ontario Creates enhances the competitiveness of the province’s creative industries, creating jobs and economic opportunities. Committed to sustaining a global presence, the agency plays a vital role in Ontario’s evolution as a leading jurisdiction for a flourishing Entertainment and Creative Cluster.

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