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GMD Activity Calculator

Activity Information

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TransportationAccommodationOther Expenses
#Travel Amount (per rep)Total Travel CostsAccommodation (per rep/per day)Total Accommodation CostsPer diemsEvent Costs Marketing MaterialsTotal
Total Eligible Expenses for All Activities:

Total GMD Fund Request (capped at 50% of eligible expenses and per company maximums as outlined in the GMD Fund guidelines):

Total GMD Fund Request


  • Please refer to the Program Guidelines for more information about eligible expenditures.
  • GMD requests are capped at 50% of estimated eligible expenses; the GMD Worksheet is a tool to help calculate these costs. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that their request is accurate and reflects the planned activities and spending levels.
  • Funding allocations will be proportional to the number of applications received. Applicants may receive less than requested to ensure that all companies have an opportunity to receive support through this program.