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OMF Team

OMF Team

Ontario Creates supports the music industry with a variety of programs and services, including the Ontario Music Office which administers the Ontario Music Fund.

Tax Credits
The Ontario Sound Recording Tax Credit (OSRTC) is a 20% refundable tax credit on eligible expenditures to produce and market sound recordings by emerging Canadian artists, available to Ontario-based Canadian corporations.* Please note that the OSRTC has been discontinued . A company may still claim the OSRTC for eligible sound recordings that commenced before April 23, 2015, but can only calculate the tax credit on eligible expenditures incurred before May 1, 2016..
Ontario Music Office
The Ontario Music Office provides funding for the Ontario music industry through four streams of the Ontario Music Fund.
Business Initiatives
Ontario Creates helps Ontario’s music industry through a variety of initiatives, including Digital Dialogue.
Research and Industry Information
Ontario Creates provides research on Ontario’s creative industries, including industry profiles. Our Online Research Library is accessible 24/7 and contains hundreds of Ontario Creates-funded and other industry studies.


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Funding Deadlines

Film Fund - Production
CYCLE 3: October 30, 2019

Business Intelligence Program
October 22, 2019

OMF - Live Music
October 3, 2019, by 5pm ET

OMF - Music Futures (Live)
October 3, 2019, by 5pm ET

OMF - Music Industry Development
October 24, 2019, by 5pm ET

Ontario Creates News

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