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IDM Fund Jury Guidelines and Application Form

Application deadline: October 4, 2016 at 5:00 pm
OMDC is seeking applications from qualified industry professionals to be jurors for the OMDC Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Fund program. The program is adjudicated by external industry professionals at two levels: 

  • Specialist industry advisors with knowledge and insight into a specific niche of IDM content will review elements of a selection of applications. They will prepare written answers to questions around the feasibility, market potential and creative strength of specific projects which will be taken into account by the jury in making their final recommendations to OMDC. Specialist industry advisors should have expertise with respect to a specific genre, delivery platform or content category.
  • Jurors with general industry knowledge will review the entire submission (with the exception of specific confidential information) for all eligible and complete applications received at a particular deadline along with the written assessments prepared by the specialist industry advisors. Based on this information the jury will make final recommendations to OMDC regarding which projects to fund using the IDM Fund decision criteria. 

The ideal candidate will have senior industry knowledge and experience, with current activities unlikely to pose a conflict of interest with the role of the specialist industry advisor or juror.

The OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund provides IDM content creators with funding for high quality, original interactive digital media content projects that make a positive contribution to the Ontario economy. In 2016-17 the Fund will have two streams:

  • Concept Definition Stream - support for early-stage activities that will assist the applicant company in moving towards the production of a market-ready content project.
  • Production Stream - support for the creation of a market-ready content project that will be released to end users.
Juror Responsibilities:
  • Thorough knowledge of the program
  • Participate in a pre-jury briefing to discuss roles and responsibilities of the juror
  • Enter into an Agreement with the OMDC
  • Individually review all eligible applications received for the program as provided by OMDC
  • Assess each application based on specific program criteria and assign a numerical score accordingly based on the forms provided by OMDC
  • Attend one to two full-day Jury Meetings with other jurors to jointly review the applications and determine final recommendations (jurors only)

Time commitment:

  • Specialist industry advisors – It is estimated that the reviewing process may take from 1-2 hours per project spread over a 6-week period between November and December 2016. The specific number of projects to be reviewed by each specialist industry advisor is flexible.
  • Jurors - It is estimated that the reviewing process may take from 20 to 30 working days, spread over an 8 to 10-week period between November 2016 and January 2017.

Jurors will receive an appropriate honorarium based on the volume of applications received and the review time required.
Juror Requirements:

  • Wide-range of experience in a senior position(s) in the interactive digital media content creation
  • Specialist industry advisors – Specific insight and expertise with respect to the creation and commercialization of content projects from a particular genre, delivery platform or content category in the IDM industry.
  • Jurors - General understanding of IDM content creation industry and current trends and developments across a range of subsectors within this industry such as e-learning content, mobile content applications, digital magazines and other web properties, video games, web series, etc. 
  • Maintain in strict confidence your role as Juror until after the adjudication process
  • Maintain in strict confidence all Confidential Information and take reasonable precautions against accidental disclosure of same
  • Not directly or indirectly use the Confidential Information for any purpose, except in the performance of your duties for the OMDC
  • Indicate if you are associated in any way with any applicant company or principals of a company that is eligible to submit to the OMDC IDM Fund program and, at the application review stage, declare any conflicts of interest that may arise 

“Confidential Information” means all information (whether oral, written, in computer readable format or otherwise), data and material acquired by the juror from the OMDC or in connection with the performance of their duties for the OMDC.
Additional Information:

Application Process:

To submit an application, please complete the application form below. You will be asked to upload your resume.

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Please tell us why you are interested in serving on an OMDC program jury.
Please declare any reason or relationship with a potential applicant (e.g. company or project) that might create a real or perceived conflict of interest.
Please attach/upload your resume
Please list two industry references: (name, company, tel, email)

OMDC is grateful for your interest in participating in this important process. It is anticipated that a substantial number of industry experts will respond to the Call for Application. In light of this, only those selected to be a juror in the 2016-2017 cycle of the OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund will be contacted.
Please direct any questions to: 
Karolina Tomaszewska
Program Coordinator, Industry Initiatives
Phone: 416-642-6695
Email:  idmfund@omdc.on.ca