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Research Funded by Ontario Creates

The impact of COVID-19 on Ontario’s VFX, animation, and post-production companies has been significant. This study pdf iconsurveyed Ontario companies on employment, cost to companies, business challenges, economic impact and support measures to determine the breadth of these impacts, and what might be done to mitigate them. April 23, 2020.
Interactive Ontario Discoverability Report Image_Interactive-Ontario-Discoverablity-Report-January-2020
The development and execution of impactful discoverability plans can help overcome some of the many of the challenges faced by Ontario IDM companies. This report pdf iconhighlights a range of tactics being used to ensure successful discoverability, as well as the challenges that Ontario IDM companies face and recommendations for how some challenges may be solved. January 28, 2020.
GenZ  ImageGenZ_fr"
Competition for young people’s attention has never been greater. Ontario Creates and VICE partnered for a first-of-its kind research study pdf icon. examining ways to build affinity with Gen Z, with fresh insights on the ways 14-22 year olds, discover, consume and share cultural content. January 8, 2020.
Ontario Creates Baseline Gender Study   

 Baseline Gender Study Report Title Page

Ontario Creates contracted with Consulting Matrix to prepare a Baseline Gender and Key Roles Framework reportpdf icon. The consultants were provided with data from the Ontario Creates database regarding applications and funded projects in all grant and tax credit programs for the years 2015/16, 2016/17, and 2017/18. Ontario Creates has considered the recommendations outlined in the report and plans to begin collecting a wider range of demographic data, on a voluntary basis, from 2019/20. 

Professional and Industrial Impacts of TIFF

 Image_TIFF final report October 10 2019

This report pdf iconby the Toronto International Film Festival summarizes important statistics to do with the Festival, such as professional attendance, sales, and other financial transactions. It also outlines the significance of the festival to both Ontario and Canada, and provides some case studies proving its success. October 3, 2019.

A Profile of Documentary Production in Canada: 2012 – 2017

 Image_English - DOC Getting Real 6 (Single page)

This report pdf iconby the Documentary Organization of Canada is an updated profile of the Canadian independent documentary production sector, following their 2013 Getting Real Volume 5 report. The report uses a literature review, statistical analysis, an online survey, and qualitative interviews to provide information about the state of the documentary sector, as well as challenges, opportunities and trends October 1, 2019.



This resource pdf iconby Game Arts International Network is designed to help smaller and independent video game development companies determine what national and international conferences, conventions and markets are available for them to attend, and what value they may receive from different types of events. September 24, 2019.

Analysis of Canadian Content in Ontario Libraries: Ebook Acquisition, Lending Models & Discoverability


Building on a prior national study of Canadian ebook collection practices in public libraries, this eBOUND Canada report pdf iconprovides further insight into the state and conditions of ebook acquisition in Ontario libraries. The study discusses libraries’ preferred licensing models and formats, pricing, and how librarians discover ebooks. June 28, 2019.

Women In View On Screen 2019


Women in View’s team members undertook this research pdf icon and reviewed Telefilm and Canada Media Fund online databases of funded projects for the years 2014 through 2017 to present data on women writers, directors, and cinematographers as well as showrunners in television and producers in film. This report provides recommendations and specific targets for timelines by which gender balance in various key creative roles can be achieved. This research follows several previous statistical reports published by Women in View and presents an updated snapshot of gender balance in the sector. May 15, 2019.

Measuring Success: The Impact of the Interactive Digital Media Sector in Ontario (2nd edition – 2019


Interactive Ontario commissioned a studypdf icon on companies in Ontario’s Interactive Digital Media (IDM) industry. The study looked at the statistical makeup of the companies, their products and services, their finances, and the impacts of the IDM industry on the province. The study builds on an earlier study of the same name that was released in 2017 and was based on the 2015 fiscal year. May 7, 2019.

On Screen Protocols & Pathways : A Media Production Guide to Working with First Nations, Metis and Inuit Communities, Cultures, Concepts and Stories


imagineNATIVE commissioned a media production guide pdf icon to serve as a resource for Indigenous screen content creators, industry stakeholders, non-Indigenous content creators and Indigenous communities that may be involved in film and television production. Covers protocols and best practices related to working on Indigenous lands; working with Indigenous content; working in Indigenous communities, working with Indigenous crew or cast; working with archival materials; releases; and marketing and distribution strategies. March 25, 2019.(Updated July 23, 2019)

Business Intelligence: Ontario’s Computer Animation and Visual Effects Companies, 2018

 Image_CASO - Ontario's Animation and VFX Industry 2018

Computer Animation Studios of Ontario commissioned updated research pdf icon on the economic contribution of computer animation and VFX companies in Ontario in terms of GDP, employment and taxes (data is for the year 2017). The report also includes a competitiveness assessment for Ontario’s animation and VFX industry. March 22, 2019.

Effects of Keywords on Ebook Sales and Discoverability in the Canadian Context


eBOUND Canada conducted this study pdf icon in order to explore the potential value for Canadian publishers of adding enhanced keywords into their ebook metadata, and further, to investigate the most effective method of keyword creation: machine-based or human-created. Three groups of 200 ebooks were tested over a three-month period to ascertain the impact of adding keywords on sales and discoverability of the ebook titles and to provide publishers with recommendations on how to best approach ebook metadata development going forward. March 20, 2019.

Pathways to the International Market for Indigenous Screen Content: Success Stories, Lessons Learned from Selected Jurisdictions and a Strategy for Growth


Commissioned by imagineNATIVE, this report pdf icon presents case studies of successful indigenous screen-based film, television and digital media properties, as well as results of a survey of festivals that feature indigenous content, as a means of drawing out lessons for the Canadian context. A strategy is put forward for next steps to support the further growth and development of the indigenous screen industry in Canada. January 31, 2019.

Ontario ACTRA Census


The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) – Toronto and Ottawa branches undertook a study pdf icon study to better understand member demographics, ages, genders, sexual identities, diverse abilities and diverse ethnicities. Performer earnings were compared in order to assess any wage or opportunity gaps. January 28, 2019.

Focus on Features: The Future of Filmmaking in Ontario


Directors Guild of Canada, the Producers Roundtable of Ontario, and the Writers Guild of Canada commissioned this report pdf icon on the status of the feature film industry and landscape in Ontario. Topics cover training and mentorship, development, production and distribution, and evolving definitions of feature film. The study is based on a review of third party research including a cross-jurisdictional scan, an online survey of filmmakers, and stakeholder interviews with screenwriters, directors, producers, funders and others. November 29, 2018.

Visit the companion website here.

2018 Documentary Audience Research


Hot Docs commissioned this follow-up report pdf iconto their 2014 study Learning from Documentary Audiences. Up-to-date consumer data is provided on documentary audience viewing habits, ways documentaries are discovered and shared, and purchasing patterns. October 18, 2018.

The Roadmap to Creative Distribution


This report pdf iconcommissioned by the Documentary Organization of Canada, provides a practical guide for documentary filmmakers who would like to navigate self-distribution (also known as “creative distribution”). The study was informed by an online survey of documentary filmmakers, an extensive literature review, and targeted research interviews with filmmakers, service providers, and distribution consultants. September 26, 2018.

Survey results pdf icon

Ontario Creates Client Satisfaction Survey


Ontario Creates undertook a survey of our stakeholders in October 2017. pdf icon The purpose of this survey was to get feedback on operational issues related to our programs and services; areas of strength and areas for improvement are identified. OPTIMUS | SBR carried out the research. August 31, 2018.

Gender in the Canadian Screen Composing Industry


After the release of their 2013 report, Baseline Study on the Membership and Industry of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada, it was noted that only 4% of participants of the study were women. Due to this, the Screen Composers Guild of Canada created a Women’s Composer Advisory Council to get an insightful look into this revelation. This report pdf icon examines the number of women composers working within Canada, the work that they do, and the barriers that women face while entering or further developing their career within the industry. June 26, 2018.

MediaPLUS+ Women and Diversity: The Big Picture

 Image MediaPlus_WIV_ENG  

This toolkit developed by Women In View, is designed to assist screen industry professionals in bringing their workplace practices in line with the diversity seen in Canada today. The resource showcases the creative and business cases for wider representation, gender equality, and inclusion both behind the scenes and on screen, and offers practical tips for implementing change.February 1, 2018

Full toolkit is available herepdf icon
Visit the companion website here

Canadian Ebooks in PublicLibraries: A Gap Analysis Report on Trends and Issues in Ebook Collection Practices

 eBOUND_Canadian Ebooks  

This report pdf icon commissioned by eBOUND Canada, compares the availability of print vs. digital formats of Canadian books within Canadian public library collections. The study also lists some of the key challenges faced by both publishers and librarians in getting ebooks into Canadian public library systems. January 31, 2018

A Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit for the Interactive Digital Media Industry


Interactive Ontario commissioned this toolkit pdf icon as a resource for interactive digital media companies regarding best practices for developing a diverse and inclusive workplace, with tailored recommendations for the industry. Based on roundtables with industry representatives, academics and emerging professionals, as well as one-on-one interviews and a scan of existing resources, the toolkit also provides concrete suggestions for companies to become more diverse and inclusive. A list of 20 “top tips” is provided, including establishing having support for diversification strategies at the highest levels of leadership, providing training, refining job descriptions and conducting outreach on an ongoing basis. October 17, 2017

Toronto Videogame Database (TOVGDB)

 OBPO-Canadian-Books-in-Ontario-Schools-Report cover  

The Hand Eye Society created the Toronto Videogame Database (TOVGDB) as a public resource featuring over 1,000 diverse videogame projects made by gamemakers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) over the last 20 years. The searchable database includes information about game developers, publishers, release dates, type of play, pay models, platforms, distribution, and genre. The report pdf iconprovides a high level analysis of the data collected. In addition, The Hand Eye Society has made the initial dataset available to the public in a machine readable format. September 26, 2017

Use of Canadian Books in Ontario Public and Catholic Intermediate and Secondary English Departments: Results of a Survey of Teachers of Grades 7 through 12

 OBPO-Canadian-Books-in-Ontario-Schools-Report cover  

This report pdf icon was commissioned by the Ontario Book Publishers Organization (OBPO) to provide better insight on the fiction and non-fiction books (with the exclusion of textbooks) that are read in Ontario public and Catholic English classes from Grades 7-12. The report details which titles are most commonly found in classrooms, and sought to identify the Canadian titles or authors are being read. This report provides a table which lists both the author and titles of books are taught in classrooms, and gives insight as to how teachers choose which books will be taught in classes. August 15, 2017


Pulse on VR


This report pdf icon,provides a snapshot of the VR market in Canada as of 2016— characteristics of companies active in the VR space, types of content and tools being created, current challenges and opportunities, and prevalent workflows. In addition to the final report, Pulse on VR is being launched as a “living ecosystem” – a website with quarterly updates on the Canadian VR ecosystem. The report represents the first output from this ongoing study.
The new website, pulseonvr.ca, will present quarterly data drawn from a survey of the Canadian VR ecosystem – its workflows, tools, challenges and opportunities. This living study encourages both first-time and repeat participants to share their data so that it may: articulate how VR experiences are being created and distributed; track which technologies are most prevalent among companies; determine VR’s market potential; and grasp a dynamic medium transforming in real time. June 27, 2017.


Digital Trends and Initiatives in Education: The Changing Landscape for Canadian Content

 Image -Digital Trends and Initiatives in Education  

The Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) commissioned this report pdf icon, documenting digital trends and initiatives in K-12 and post-secondary education and their impact on acquisition and usage of Canadian content. The report describes how key learning models and environments are shifting in a 21st century classroom and highlights some of the challenges and opportunities in the markets. Resources include lists of learning management systems, platforms, websites, portals and databases in use in educational institutions in each province. June 12, 2017.


Magazine Industry Paid Internship Study


Magazines Canada undertook a feasibility study to examine the value of and interest in a paid internship program for the magazine industry. This report pdf icon, presents the results of a survey of membership, environmental scan of existing paid internship programs, and stakeholder interviews, in regards to issues including level of interest, potential benefits of such a program, preferred program models and eligibility criteria. The document also identifies next steps for Magazines Canada in program development. June 07, 2017.

Executive Summary pdf icon


An Assessment of Northern Ontario’s Film & Television Production Infrastructure

 Image -CION-MFM-Assessment  

This study pdf icon, conducted by Music and Film in Motion (a division of Cultural Industries Ontario North), includes highlights of the recent history of the region’s screen industry, lists its key production centres and the assets located within each (production services, post-secondary institutions, crew and more). Challenges and opportunities for the sector are discussed and an economic impact estimate of recent production activity (2012/13-2015/16) is provided. May 25, 2017.


How the Remix Project Created Pathways to Employment and Entrepreneurship in Urban Music


This reportpdf icon, provides a step-by-step overview of how The Remix Project created pathways to employment and entrepreneurship for youth in Ontario’s growing urban music industry. The research identifies the factors that have led to Remix’s success as an incubator program for emerging talent, including its collaborative, supportive learning environment, its project-based approach to transferring knowledge and the fact that Remix’s educators are practicing professionals in the field of urban music. February 15, 2017


The State of Content Distribution: Review of Content Distribution in the Cultural Media Industries

 State of Content Distribution Cover - English  

This reportpdf icon by Nordicity, commissioned by Ontario Creates focuses on outlining how market-ready content gets from the content owner to the end-user, with a specific focus on providing models that visualize current and emerging patterns of distribution that occur across all six cultural media industry sectors. In addition to developing these models, the report also examines some of the key challenges and opportunities for Ontario content creators as they navigate through these models. In addition to highlighting the challenges facing content owners and creators, the report also looks at selected examples of public interventions that have been put into action elsewhere, including, for example, initiatives by the Welsh Books Council, New Zealand Film Commission, and Creative Skillset. 


Understanding and Engaging with Audiences

 Understanding and engaging with audiences Summary report cover  

This reportpdf icon, commissioned by Telefilm Canada and produced with the assistance of Ontario Creates, the Canadian Media Fund (CMF), the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC) and Creative BC, presents the findings of a Nielsen online survey examining how Canadians consume film and television content, the kinds of content they choose and the values that motivate them in their choice of both.  The report focusses on film consumption and provides insight into peoples’ perceptions of and attitudes toward Canadian cinema.

Measuring Success: The Impact of Interactive Digital Media in Ontario


This reportpdf icon , Measuring Success: The Impact of Interactive Digital Media in Ontario, was initiated by Interactive Ontario and is the first in-depth study devoted solely to Ontario’s IDM industry. Hoping to fill a knowledge gap felt by industry, policymakers and the wider public, the research looks at the impact of IDM companies in terms of the products and services they provide, employment figures and salaries, demographics and growth planning (including barriers and challenges to growth) as well as the economic impact of the IDM industry on the province. Primary data was drawn from an online survey and a series of stakeholder interviews.  February 15, 2017

Hubs and Business Skills Training for the Culture and Creative Sector - What's Working?

 WorkInCulture Report Cover  

Commissioned by WorkInCulture, this reportpdf icon, explores the capacity of hubs in Ontario to support and strengthen business skills development for the arts and culture sector. The study identified approximately 200 hubs offering business skills training (primarily in marketing, leadership, finances and digital technology) or capacity building relevant to the needs of culture workers and arts organizations. The research team conducted roundtables and interviews to understand the role of hubs in the sector�s development and to identify the characteristics of a successful hub. In addition to the written report, an interactive map of culture hubs across Ontario was created and is available on the WorkInCulture website.  February 6, 2017

Women & Leadership: A Study of Gender Parity and Diversity in Canada's Screen Industries

 CMPA Women and Leadership English Cover  

This report was commissioned by the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA), and offers a comprehensive look at the global initiatives, policies, programs, legislation and regulations aimed at improving gender parity and diversity within the screen-based industries. The report surveys 561 individuals in Canada’s screen-based industries for their perspective on obstacles to the advancement of women in the screen-based industries, as well as identifies global best practices that can potentially be adopted in Canada. January 30, 2017

The Fem-LED Research Project: Fem-LED: A look into female leadership for women in digital media and tech today and tomorrow

OCAD Fem LED Report Cover  

The Fem-LED research project, led by OCAD University’s Super Ordinary Laboratory, examined female leadership in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector, including the Interactive and Digital Media (I&DM) sector. The research project identifies both existing challenges and barriers to female leadership and entrepreneurship in the ICT/I&DM sectors, as well as develops an understanding of opportunities for improvement. December 5, 2016.

Charting a Course for Impact Producing in Canada: Trends, Best Practices and Future Directions

 DOC Impact Report Cover  

The most recent report from the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC), Charting a Course for Impact Producing in Canada: Trends, Best Practices and Future Directions, discusses the phenomenon of impact producing, and how it relates to the Canadian documentary industry. The report looks at case studies like The Fledgling Fund, BRITDOC, Participant Media and the Harmony Institute, as well as offers best practices and recommendations on how this new paradigm can work in Canada. The report also includes a practical guide, called Making Documentaries with Impact: A Toolkit. November 15, 2016

Standards in Ebook Pricing in the International Marketplace

 eStandards in Ebook Pricing in the International Marketplace report cover  

This report, commissioned by eBOUND Canada, examines pricing policies for English language ebook titles across 7 major markets: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Spain and Mexico. Through the analysis of English language bestseller titles in nine genres, the report develops detailed pricing charts for each of the case study titles, in each selected format and country, as well as a larger comparative pricing summary which offers ranges for different genres and formats across all of the countries selected for examination. While the report acknowledges that the ebook marketplace remains in flux, it does offer practical suggestions for publishers looking at pricing their ebooks for international markets. November 14, 2016.

 #ScreenAccessON: The Employment of People with Disabilities in Ontario's Screen-based Industries
 LCA Report Cover  


This report was commissioned by Lights, Camera, Access! to develop an employment profile of people with disabilities employed in Ontario’s screen-based industries, including film & television production, broadcasting and digital media. Through an accessible online survey, interviews and a stakeholder roundtable, this report collected data on employment patterns, wages, as well as information on the challenges and opportunities facing persons with disabilities in the screen-based industries. September 27, 2016.



An International Comparative Study: How National Content is Defined in Canada and Selected Countries for the Purpose of Providing Access to Public Support

 An International Comparative Study This report was commissioned by the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) in order to examine how Canada's definition of national content used to access public support is comparable to the definitions used in 10 other international jurisdictions. Ultimately, the report considers potential avenues to ensure that Canada's definition remains globally competitive. August 9, 2016.



Economic Profile of Ontario's Computer Animation and Visual Effects Industry in 2014

 Economic Profile of the Computer Animation and Visual Effects Industry in Ontario, 2014



This report was commissioned by Computer Animation Studios of Ontario (CASO) to develop an overview of the state of the computer animation (CA) and visual effects (VFX) industry in the province. The report provides insights on the total economic impact (both direct and induced), total number of jobs (FTE) created by the sector, as well as presents case studies of competing labour market jurisdictions in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Vancouver and London (UK). Finally, the report draws out some key themes and challenges for the sector going forward. July 27 2016


The Creative Content Industry in Waterloo Region


Creative Enterprise Initiative (CEI) produced this reportpdf icon on content creation in Waterloo Region. The research found approximately 200 regional businesses and organizations involved in creative content. Recommendations are provided to assist the region in providing a climate for business growth in the area for creative content. May 11 2016.


Ireland Music Market Report

CAAMA - Ireland Report 2016_Image   

The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (CAAMA) commissioned this International Market Report on Ireland to assist Canadian artists and companies looking to conduct business in the market. In addition to an overview of the state of the music market, the report pdf icon provides detailed information about local record labels, distributors, booking agencies, media and other promotional contacts, venues and festivals, as well as best practices for touring in the market. April 29, 2016.


Market Report on the UK

CAAMA - UK Report 2016_Image   

The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (CAAMA) commissioned this International Market Report on the UK to assist Canadian artists and companies looking to conduct business in the market. In addition to an overview of the state of the music market, the report pdf icon provides detailed information about local record labels, distributors, booking agencies, media and other promotional contacts, venues and festivals, as well as best practices for touring in the market. April 29, 2016.


Strengthening the Business: Capitalizing Canada’s Content Business

CMPA image   

This study pdf icon, initiated by the Canadian Media Production Association, outlines strategies for content producers who wish to move beyond project-based financing to grow their businesses. The report discusses the requirements of attracting third party investment and best practices from Canadian producers and financiers. February 4, 2016.


Alternate Delivery Study

Magazines Canada Alternative Delivery Study   

This report pdf icon was commissioned by Magazines Canada to explore the requirements magazine publishers would have of alternate delivery service providers to provide doorstep delivery to subscribers. The study outlines the elements of a new model which would involve multiple delivery contractors in place of a single delivery system (Canada Post). The proposed model would rely on warehouse/sortation centres used by multiple publishers and printers, and would involve changes to how data is processed by fulfillment houses. It would also introduce a system for confirmation of delivery December 3, 2015.


Digital Toolkit: A practical tool addressing the ethical and legal issues faced by producers of digital content for kids

Youth Media Allliance _Image_En   

This online resource created by the Youth Media Alliance is aimed at producers of kids digital content and describes key legal, ethical and regulatory issues. The information is presented in a series of 21 backgrounders covering the following themes: Identity and Personal Information; Contests, Surveys & Newsletters; User-Generated Content; Advertising; Sales and Monetization; Social Media, Online Communities and Security. The material covers key definitions and concepts, relevant regulations that apply both in Canada and in select international markets, distribution platforms’ requirements, and best practice recommendations. The web resource can be accessed here and a PDF version of the material is available herepdf icon November 18, 2015.


Women in View on Screen 2015

Cover Women In View On Screen 2015_En   

Women in View has produced this statistical report pdf icon on the employment patterns of women in Canadian screen-based production. This study reports on English-language feature film and television series production, looking in particular at the positions of director, screenwriter and cinematographer. The authors conclude that women continue to represent a small minority of key creative positions in film and television production in Canada, a trend which is worrisome. November 18, 2015.


Documentary Organization of Canada - Philanthropic Funding for Documentaries in Canada: Towards an Industry-wide Strategy


This report pdf iconby the Documentary Organization of Canada indicates that the philanthropic sector has some interest in documentaries that are based on a wide variety of social issues. The study examines innovative initiatives that have been successfully introduced in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States to engage the philanthropic sector to support the production and dissemination of documentaries The findings show that compared to these other jurisdictions, Canada is behind in leveraging funding from the philanthropic sector. The Canadian sector, including grant making foundations, corporate and individual donors, represents a significant untapped resource for the documentary community. September 16 2015.

EBOOK COLLECTION PRACTICES: A Report to the Canadian Publishing Community on Trends, and Issues in Canada’s Public, University, and College Libraries Cover -Report on eBook Collection 

eBOUND Canada  has released a studypdf icon examining the challenges and opportunities that Canadian book publishers and libraries face with respect to their mutual interests in the digital marketplace for books in the library system. The study examines issues in public, college and university libraries. September 1, 2015.

Women in Music:
A Profile of Women Working in Ontario’s Music Industry 
Cover -Women Working in ON Music Industry  Women in Music Canada conducted research into women’s participation and experiences working in the Canadian music industry. This studypdf icon reports on the demographics of women in the Ontario music industry, as well as challenges and barriers to career growth. September 1, 2015. 

International Digital Media Co-Production: A Guide for Canadian Producers (II) – Asia & Latin America

GuideForCanadian Companies_Final-Image   

This Phase 2 reportpdf icon follows on from Interactive Ontario’s International Digital Media Co-Production Guide (Phase 1) by providing information on additional markets not explored in the original research report, namely: China, India, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. The report finds that several of these markets are still in an emerging stage, with few Canadian producers having collaborated with firms locally, but recommends the markets continue to be monitored for their significant potential. Many of the opportunities are in the mobile and mobile gaming sector. Contact information and detailed country profiles are provided for each of these markets as well as tips from Canadian companies who have experience in these jurisdictions. July 17, 2015.


Public Opinion on the Value of Books in the English Language Book Sector

Book Value Summary Final 31 Mar 2015-Image   

The Association of Canadian Publishers, on behalf of the Book Strategy Group, an ad-hoc committee representing the interests of Canadian writers and publishers, commissioned research to understand the value English-speaking Canadians place on books. Based on two nationally representative surveys, focus groups and key informant interviews, this study provides insight on Canadians’ attitudes and perceptions related to the role of books in their lives, in both leisure and educational contexts. The study also explores views on Canadian content, the role of publishers, self-publishing and unauthorized copying/downloading. April 23, 2015.

Summary Reportpdf icon
Public Opinion on the Value of Books in the Education Book Sectorpdf icon
Marketing, Library Usage, Illegal Downloading and Publishingpdf icon
Usage and Valuepdf icon
Appendix Material: Consultation Instrumentspdf icon


The Music Market in Australia & New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand Market Report   

The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (CAAMA) commissioned, this reportpdf icon on the music market in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to a summary of the state of the market, the document includes detailed listings for local record labels and distributors, festivals and live music venues, music publishing, key media and promotional channels, key markets and conferences, retail channels, both physical and online, as well as industry associations. March 27, 2015.


Content Everywhere 2: Securing Canada’s Place in the Digital Future

 Pages from FINAL FOR DISTRIBUTION ContentEverywhere2_Feb2015 (4)  

In 2011, the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) undertook a study entitled Content Everywhere: Mapping the Digital Future for the Canadian Production Industry.pdf icon The study focused on the US digital content industry and specifically, on changing and alternative outlets and models for financing and distributing content. Content Everywhere 2 seeks to identify opportunities for Canadian content producers that have emerged in the original digital content space. March 6, 2015.


Community Development Research Project and Sound Off! Ontario Final Report

 FINAL MusicOntario CDRP Report-Image  

This study reportspdf iconthe results of Music Ontario’s Sound Off! Initiative which involved town hall discussions and online surveying of music industry participants in 12 communities across Southern Ontario. The report explores the state of music industry education and infrastructure on both a province-wide and community-specific basis and includes a directory and mapping of currently active recording studios, artist managers and booking agents across Ontario. January 28, 2015.


If We Build It, Will They Come? Digital Books in the Educational Landscape

 If We Build It, Will They Come? Digital Books in the Educational Landscape  

This reportpdf iconprovides market intelligence on use of and needs relating to digital books in the Ontario elementary level school system. Based on a survey of Ontario first and second grade teachers and elementary school librarians, discussions with key stakeholders and a literature review, the study offers recommendations to the digital book creation industry including advice on which interactive features are valued add-ons in children’s ebooks, and marketing and distribution approaches to maximize access the elementary education market. January 15, 2015.


The Opportunity for an Electronic Market Connecting Magazine Publishers to Video and Application Vendors

 Video and App Portal Final Report Magazines Canada coverimage  

This reportpdf iconwas commissioned by Magazines Canada to explore development of a service (or ‘emarket’) linking magazine publishers to qualified video and app producers. The study found that although current volumes of video and app production do not warrant the creation of such a service at this time, the industry should monitor this area for future opportunities. The report includes some background information on how Canadian publishers are currently using and monetizing video, apps and responsive websites (HTML5), based on interviews and an online survey. November 27, 2014.

Monetizing Digital Media: Trends, Key Insights and Strategies that Work  Monetization-report cover This studypdf icon by the Canadian Interactive Alliance is an examination of recent trends and key models being used to monetize digital media content. Integrating key insights by industry leaders and examples of successful monetization models and strategies being used by Canadian companies, the report provides an overview and analysis of recent global trends and key models being used to monetize digital media content. November 27, 2014.


Baseline Study on the Membership and Industry of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada

 Image Screen-Composers-Guild-of-Canada

This reportpdf icon commissioned by the Screen Composers Guild of Canada examines the Canadian screen composing industry, including its structure, business models, revenue sources and expenditures as well as industry trends and challenges. This is the first known study to examine the work of professional composers for English screen productions. September 29, 2014


International Digital Media Co-Production: A Guide for Canadian Producers

International Digital Media Co-Production   

Commissioned by Interactive Ontario, this guidepdf icon provides Canadian producers of interactive digital media and convergent properties with practical advice on how to find international co-production partners, and lists some of the main reasons for undertaking international collaborations as well as the key challenges. The guide includes detailed information on key players and financing opportunities in six jurisdictions: Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Germany, France and the European Union. September 23, 2014.

Learning from Documentary Audiences: A Market Study   Learning from Documentary Audiences A Market Study cover This reportpdf icon, commissioned by Hot Docs, focuses on where, when, why and how audiences are viewing documentaries, including at the cinema, on television, online and via mobile devices. It also explores how audiences discover and share information about documentaries, whether through traditional media, social media or word of mouth. The study is based primarily on results of a Canada-wide survey of over 3,000 documentary viewers, together with focus groups and a literature review. The study identifies three market segments of documentary audiences with distinct habits and preferences for consuming documentaries. September 10, 2014. 
Mapping Ontario’s Digital Economy   Mapping Ontario’s Digital Economy

Interactive Ontario has launched an online map of Interactive Digital Media firms and organizations in Ontario. Mapping Ontario's Digital Economy (MODE) is a project designed to offer a comprehensive picture of Ontario's IDM industry.

The MODE project maps companies creating IDM content in Ontario, allowing for a visual representation of where the province's main IDM clusters occur. The top 3 cities for IDM content production are Toronto, Ottawa and Kitchener-Waterloo, with significant activity in London, Hamilton, St. Catharines/Niagara Falls. Companies are encouraged to take part in the project by completing enhanced data, such as company size, lines of business, job categories and more. View the map and directory here.

Book Publishing: Current & Emerging Best Practices in Promoting and Marketing Digital Content

eBound jpg 

Commissioned by eBOUND Canada, Book Publishing: Current & Emerging Best Practices in Promoting and Marketing Digital Contentpdf icon examines how book publishers are marketing e-content in a changing environment. The study is based on a literature review, interviews, and results of a survey of Canadian book publishing companies. Digital marketing approaches from other creative sectors (film/television, magazines, games and music) that can be adapted to book publishing are also explored. August 18, 2014.

Industry Profile of the Independent Web Series Creators of Ontario  Industry Profile Independent Web Series Creators of ON_png  This study is the first ever industry profile of Ontario’s web series creators.pdf icon Web series saw an increase in volume of production by more than 25% since 2012, suggesting the supply of web series content is expected to grow. The study further showed web series creators are operating at the frontier of new screen-based storytelling, and are drivers of research and development (R&D) in online video production and distribution. Ontario-based web series creators have earned international awards, festival accolades and are beginning to explore content translation deals for greater exposure in international markets. June 23, 2014. 
Labour Market Insights in Ontario’s Cultural Media Industries  Cultural-Industries-LMI_Final-Report png  Labour Market Insights in Ontario’s Cultural Media Industries pdf icon was commissioned by WorkInCulture (Cultural Careers Council Ontario) to identify high priority labour market insights for cultural industry employers and to assess how best to report this information on an ongoing basis. The study reports on the results of a pilot survey conducted with Ontario cultural media companies with regard to key issues including recruitment, salary, non-salary benefits, growth and hiring, and succession planning. It also provides guidance on how cultural industries information might be gathered and shared in future for the benefit of Ontario’s cultural industries. June 4, 2014. 

The Music Market in Germany And Opportunities for Canadian Companies

 The Music Market in Germany png

This report on the music market in Germanypdf icon by the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (CAAMA) is intended to provide Canadian music industry companies with market intelligence about Germany in order to stimulate export activity. Germany is the #1 market in Europe and is considered an access point for the European marketplace. May 9, 2014.

Growing the Pie: Alternative Financing and Canadian Documentary  Growing the Pie cover  Growing the Piepdf icon was prepared by the Documentary Organization of Canada. This research seeks to identify and define various means of alternative financing available to documentary producers; highlights the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches and investigates other jurisdictions and sectors to seek out additional funding alternatives. May 2, 2014.
Branded Entertainment: The Future of Branded Entertainment  Branded-Entertainment cover_en  This final white paper in a three-part series, Branded Entertainment: A New Production Financing Paradigmpdf icon was prepared for the Canadian Media Production Association. It examines where the branded entertainment industry is headed and explores some of the industry’s most innovative case studies. This final paper in the series seeks to tease out the big innovators and trends to help producers begin to develop strategies for participating in this new marketplace. April 29, 2014. 
Economic Contribution of the Commercial Production Industry in Ontario  Industry-Profile-and-EIA-Commercial-Producers_png  Economic Contribution of the Commercial Production Industry in Ontariopdf icon was prepared for the Commercial Production Association of Toronto. This research was undertaken to quantify the contribution of the commercial production industry to Ontario’s economy. Industry activity for commercial television and digital media in the province is measured, including production, revenue, expenditures, employment and economic impact.
How the Industry Can Work Together to Increase the Market Share of Ontario Feature Films – Phase One: Lessons from Quebec  Film Ontario Lessons from Quebec_png  FilmOntario has completed the first in a planned series of studies exploring ways to improve the market share for Ontario feature films. The report sub-headed “Lessons from Quebec”pdf icon presents an overview of key Quebec organizations and initiatives in terms of their mandates, structures, successes, challenges and aspirations. It also provides a preliminary assessment of the potential applicability of lessons from Quebec for the feature film industry in Ontario, and lists prospective collective initiatives which may merit further consideration by the industry. April 3, 2014. 
Branded Entertainment: A New Production Financing Paradigm   Branded Entertainemnt cover Branded Entertainment: A New Production Financing Paradigmpdf icon was prepared by the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA). This series of three whitepapers aims to explore the field of branded entertainment. In the second whitepaper, The Canadian Experience, the peculiarities of the Canadian context for branded entertainment are explored in order to provide independent producers guidance on how to best navigate these waters.  Through an examination of several outstanding case studies of branded entertainment properties, best practices do emerge for producers interested in tapping into this burgeoning sector of the industry. Finally, this paper points to issues and concerns expressed by industry leaders, both on the brand marketing and producer side of the equation, to pave the way to greater collaboration in the creation and financing of original Canadian content. February 11, 2014. 
Mobile Apps: Generating Economic Gains for Creative Media Industries in Ontario  Mobile Apps Cover   

Mobile Apps: Generating Economic Gains for Creative Media Industries in Ontariopdf icon, conducted by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), explores the mutual impacts of Ontario’s mobile app and creative media industries. Based on stakeholder discussions and surveys of both app developers and representatives of the book, magazine, interactive, film, tv and music sectors, the study identifies: sources of financing for app developers, levels of adoption of mobile apps by other creative media industries, incremental employment and revenues attributable to mobile apps within these sectors, occupations engaged in app creation, challenges to greater adoption of mobile apps, and growth strategies for Ontario’s creative media and mobile app industries to continue to flourish. January 15, 2014.

Canadian Interactive Industry Profile 2011  CIIP 2011 cover_en  The Canadian Interactive Industry Profilepdf icon highlights the economic impact of interactive digital media. This report follows two previous editions and proposes a revised methodology that includes a more narrowed definition of the digital media industry to provide more of a focus on companies creating true “rich interactive experiences” and those that supply services that directly enable other firms to create those experiences. Interactive digital media companies employed 26,700 full-time equivalents in Canada in 2011 and $3.8 billion in total gross annual revenue was generated by these companies, with $2.5 billion directly attributed to IDM content production. December 3, 2013 
The Branded Entertainment Landscape    Branded-Entertainment cover_en  The Branded Entertainment Landscapepdf icon is the first of three whitepapers prepared by the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) in a series examining the opportunities for independent film and television producers in the emerging field of branded entertainment. This study defines various types of branded content and traces their evolution. November 15, 2013.  
An Economic Impact Study of the Ontario Book Publishing Industry  Economic Impact Book Publishing Final Report cover_en  An Economic Impact Study of the Ontario Book Publishing Industrypdf icon was prepared by Nordicity Ltd. and Castledale for Ontario Creates. This research was undertaken to quantify the contribution of the Canadian-owned, Ontario-based, book publishing industry to Ontario’s economy. The report updates an earlier study which established baseline data from 2003. November 15 2013.  
Indigenous Feature Film Production in Canada: A National and International Perspective  Indigenous Feature Film Production in Canada cover  Indigenous Feature Film Production in Canada: A National and International Perspectivepdf icon was undertaken by the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. This study examines Aboriginal feature film production in Canada, specifically dramatic film production. This report documents the rise of Indigenous cinema worldwide and the place of Canadian Aboriginal film and public supports in that context.  The barriers to feature film production for Aboriginal content creators in Canada are examined, and the authors suggest several areas of opportunity that can be targeted in order to boost production in this sector. October 21 2013.


An Ethical Framework for Marketing and Monetizing Digital Content Media for a ‘self published’ Children’s/Youth Audience 

An Ethical Framework cover  An Ethical Framework for Marketing and Monetizing Digital Content Media for a ‘self published’ Children’s/Youth Audiencepdf icon  was undertaken by kidsmediacentre. Kidsmediacentre is a children’s industry research centre and think tank at Centennial College’s School of Communications, Media and Design. This study provides Ontario interactive digital media content creators who self-publish children’s content with a framework for ethical marketing and monetization. This research examined the legal landscape, child development considerations and case studies to develop a set of best practices and recommendations for Ontario digital media developers who produce work for children. September 12, 2013

A Re-Imagined Book Fair

A Re-Imagined Book Fair Cover

A Re-Imagined Book Fairpdf icon was undertaken by The Association for Art and Social Change to study the feasibility of a potential Toronto international book fair. Researchers surveyed and interviewed Canadian book publishers and other publishing industry stakeholders and examined seven existing international book fairs. This research found that the publishing industry in Canada sees a need for an international book fair as a way to connect with and engage readers, and network with industry partners. August 8, 2013.


Getting Real
Volume 5

Getting Real 5 Cover

Getting Real Volume 5pdf icon was undertaken by the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) to provide an updated profile of the documentary production industry in Canada. This update, the fifth in this series of profiles, shows that Canadian documentary production volume and employment have declined markedly from 2008-09 to 2010-11.  Documentary producers are feeling the effects of consolidation in the broadcasting industry, as well as the loss of several federal funding programs over the last several years. Despite these challenges, audiences for Canadian documentaries are growing. The report is supplemented by case studies that examine four feature-length documentaries made between 2008 - 2011 that are exploiting several different markets and platforms. June 18, 2013.


TiP Legacy Project

Toronto Indie Production cover

TiP Legacy Projectpdf icon, undertaken by ACTRA-Toronto, reviews the outcomes of their Toronto Indie Production (TiP) program and recommends several enhancements. TiP is a micro-budget Canadian dramatic film production program that cultivates and supports new and emerging Toronto-based filmmakers. ACTRA surveyed current and past TiP participants, and identified several factors that enabled filmmakers to leverage their TiP projects into further successes. June 13, 2013.

Discoverability: Strategies for Canada’s Digital Content Producers in a Global Online Marketplace cmpa discoverability study cover Discoverability: Strategies for Canada’s Digital Content Producers in a Global Online Marketplacepdf icon was undertaken by the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA).  The objective of the Discoverability research study is to provide Canada’s digital content producers with concrete examples of successful digital marketing campaigns and strategies to improve their “discoverability” in a vast global online marketplace in which thousands of apps, games and millions of hours of YouTube videos now compete with the traditional pipeline of film and TV product.  The study achieves these goals by looking at the size of the global marketplace, the rise of social media and discoverability trends, case studies of six projects, assessing the top digital awards and events, and the creation of a Discoverability Checklist. An additional component of the project was the design and build of a database of digital content conferences and tradeshows. This database is called Digital Events Advisor and can be found at www.digitaleventsadvisor.com. February 27, 2013. 
Mobile Innovation: Ontario’s Growing Mobile Content, Services, and Applications Industry 2012 Mobile Innovation image Mobile Innovation: Ontario’s Growing Mobile Content, Services, and Applications Industry 2012 pdf iconwas undertaken by the Mobile Experience Innovation Center (MEIC) to examine the tremendous amount of economic, technological, and cultural growth that has occurred in the mobile market in Ontario since 2007. The study profiles the current mobile ecosystem, assesses the economic impact of the industry, identifies emerging key trends in mobile, outlines potential market opportunities for the industry, and develops a collaborative framework to support the continued growth of mobile in Ontario. This study updates a previous MEIC study entitled Innovation and Insight: Mapping Ontario’s Mobile Industry (2009), which was supported by the Entertainment and Creative Cluster Partnerships Fund. November 22, 2012.
The Canadian Feature Film Distribution Sector in Review: Trends, Policies and Market Developments Cover Image The Canadian Feature Film Distribution Sector in Review: Trends, Policies and Market Developmentspdf icon was undertaken by the Canadian Association of Film Distributors and Exporters (CAFDE) to examine the role of Canadian distributors in the feature film sector, to analyze the opportunities and challenges facing the distribution of Canadian films in the digital age, and to create a portrait of Canadian audiences reached by Canadian films on various platforms. The study also investigates emerging trends in film distribution and the related policy responses in the United States and Europe, and suggests a number of methods to encourage industry collaboration and government policy renewal. October 1, 2012.
Consultation on K to 12 Educational Publishing in Canada cover image Consultation on K to 12 Educational Publishing in Canadapdf icon, commissioned by the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) and carried out by Glenn Rollands and Simon de Jocas, provides ACP member publishers who work in the kindergarten to grade 12 educational publishing sector with information to help increase their involvement in this market. The report also to provides the ACP with strategic advice designed to assist them to stimulate business in this sector for their member publishers. July 18 2012.
Feasibility Study for a Screen-based Content Producers Business Incubator Program cover image Feasibility Study for a Screen-based Content Producers Business Incubator Programpdf icon was undertaken by Centennial College to determine the need among independent documentary television producers in the Toronto region for a business incubator. A survey of independent producers as well as focus groups, interviews and incubator case studies found that existing business training models do not meet the needs of this sector. Components of a proposed business incubator are outlined, including opportunities for networking and mentorship, shared office space and equipment and business and financial education. July 3, 2012.
New Directions for the Financing of Interactive Digital Media in Canada image cover New Directions for the Financing of Interactive Digital Media in Canadapdf icon was undertaken by the Canadian Interactive Alliance to examine the state of national, provincial and international financing of the Canadian interactive digital media (IDM) sector. The report provides case studies of Ontario and Canadian IDM companies, summarizes relevant research literature from around the world, and collects market intelligence on jurisdictions that are modifying their approaches to funding to the digital media sector. The report finds that, despite the supportive policy environment in Canada, the growth potential in the IDM sector is being hampered by a lack of access to financing – in particular capital investment from the private sector such as venture capital funds and angel investors. June 12, 2012
Client Satisfaction Survey image cover  Ontario Creates undertook a survey of our stakeholders in August and September 2011.pdf icon The purpose of this survey was to get feedback on operational issues related to our programs and services; areas of strength and areas for improvement are identified. Deloitte, Inc. carried out the research. May 3, 2012
Economic Profile of the Computer Animation and Visual Effects Industry in Ontario, 2008-2010 cover image

Economic Profile of the Computer Animation and Visual Effects Industry in Ontario, 2008-2010pdf icon updates the previous industry profile released in 2008. Industry activity for Computer Animation (CA) and Visual Effects (VE) industries in the province is measured, including production, revenue, expenditures, employment and economic impact. This study also includes the results of a client satisfaction survey distributed to customers of Ontario CA and VE studios. In general, the research finds that 2010 saw growth for both industry sectors, especially in regard to VE production. Revenue also grew significantly from 2009-2010 for both areas. Clients of these industries reported a high degree of satisfaction with their work, citing areas such as professionalism and quality of creative work as some of the main areas of satisfaction. April 17, 2012.


Digital transformation of creative media industries: Opportunities for success and challenges  cover image Digital transformation of creative media industries: Opportunities for success and challengespdf icon examines the ongoing digital transformation in the cultural media industries, which touches all aspects of the cultural media landscape – from ideation and innovation through production to marketing and distribution. The paper provides a jurisdiction-agnostic scan of business, technology and public sector trends, and identifies the economic opportunities and challenges for the cultural media industries arising from the transition to a digital economy. March 5, 2012.
Content Everywhere: Mapping the Digital Future for the Canadian Production Industry  cover image Content Everywhere: Mapping the Digital Future for the Canadian Production Industrypdf icon was undertaken by Canadian Media Production Association to provide Canadian film, television and multi-platform producers with an up-to-date survey of the digital content industry in the United States, and to assess the resulting opportunities and challenges the changing media environment poses for the Canadian production industry. The report examines alternate models of financing and distributing video content, analyzes the emerging industry players and their approaches to content origination, and provides illustrative case studies of content created successfully outside of the traditional media industry. February 29, 2012.

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Framework II: Canada’s Screen-based Workforce cover image Framework II: Canada’s Screen-based Workforcepdf icon was undertaken by Women in Film and Television-Toronto to update their previous 2004 research in the area of the participation of women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minority groups in Canada’s screen-based workforce. The study finds that although there has been some progress in the representation of most designated groups in screen-based industries, such progress does not always keep pace with the progress made in Canada’s overall workforce. Trends in the film and television production and distribution, broadcasting, and interactive digital media industries are examined. January 27, 2012.

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Monetizing Music File Sharing: A New B2B Model  cover image

Monetizing Music File Sharing: A New B2B Modelpdf icon was undertaken by the Songwriters’ Association of Canada (SAC) to propose a Canadian model for the monetization of music file sharing. A survey of Canadians’ music consumption habits revealed that a majority of those surveyed would be willing to pay an additional license fee on their Internet bill in order to legally music file share. The SAC proposes that music creators and rights holders should form a partnership with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in order to legitimize and license music file sharing in Canada and collect revenue from this activity. January 19, 2012.

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