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FAQ - Electronic Transfer for Tax Credit Admin Fee Payments

What is an e-transfer?

  • An e-transfer is a deposit of money by a payer (eg., tax credit applicant) directly into the bank account of a payee (eg., Ontario Creates). E-transfers are also called “direct deposits.”

Why is Ontario Creates implementing an e-transfer payment option? 

E-transfer offers these benefits over cheques:

  • Convenience and security - since funds are transferred electronically from one bank account to another there is no time spent in the mail system, and no risk of lost cheques.
  • Electronic payments are more environmentally friendly.
  • Reduced program administration costs, since printing and postage costs are eliminated.

Is  e-transfer secure?

  • E-transters are processed as bank-to-bank transactions, using secure banking networks.
  • In the event of a tax credit admin fee refund, Tax Credit applicants will provide banking information to Ontario Creates via the secure Ontario Creates Online Application Portal (OAP). Ontario Creates has put protocols in place to ensure that access to banking information is limited to specific authorized staff.

How do I  e-transfer my admin fee payment to Ontario Creates?

  • Detailed instructions are provided here. 

How will I know when my e-transfer has been received by Ontario Creates?  

  • An e-transfer remittance advice will be sent when payment is made.

When can I send the e-transfer for my application fee?

  •  An e-transfer can be made as soon as your application is complete and has been submitted for review..

What happens if I overpay my admin fee payment and a refund is owed to me?

  • If Ontario Creates determines that there has been an overpayment on an admin fee, we will send a cheque or direct deposit of the overpayment amount to the applicant. Please note: applicants wishing to be refunded by direct deposit will need to register for direct deposit.  Detailed instructions are provided here.

My account is with a foreign bank, will I be able pay by e-transfer and receive refund payments via direct deposits

  • E-transfers/direct deposits can only be made to bank accounts authorized to send e-transfers/ accept deposits within Canada. If your bank is a Schedule II bank (a subsidiary of a foreign bank authorized to accept deposits within Canada), you can receive direct deposits and send e-transfers.

Does Ontario Creates charge a fee for e-transfers?

  • No, Ontario Creates does not charge a fee for e-transfers.

My bank account has an established transfer limit where I cannot exceed a certain monetary amount per day. Would I have to pay my fee over several days?

  • If your banking institution has established transfer limits per day then your e-transfer capacity is subject to these limits. You may wish to contact your bank to discuss changes to transfer limits, you may pay in partial payments over several days, or you may wish to pay your entire Fee via cheque or money order. Please contact taxcredits@ontariocreates.ca for instructions on paying by cheque or money order.

I have other questions, who do I contact?