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The Entertainment and Creative Cluster Partnerships Fund






Brock University

Niagara College, New Media Business Alliance (NMBA)

Silicon Knights Inc., Niagara Enterprise Agency ,Niagara Economic Development Corporation, Brock University - Interacting with Immersive Worlds International Conference

Niagara Interactive New Media Incubator:

A feasibility study for an incubator portal that will provide access for new and existing digital media entrepreneurs to a network of expertise and media technologies. The incubator will be virtual and physical, providing services and programs for digital entrepreneurs at various stages of development.

Canadian Film Centre

Artscape, Evergreen Foundation, New Media Business Alliance (NMBA), MaRS Discovery District, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto International Film Festival Group (TIFF)

TEDCO, City of Toronto, Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corp.

Creative Convergence Centres Project:

The project seeks to accelerate the development of vibrant physical places that become major innovation hubs and economic engines for the creative industries cluster. The project is lead by a consortium of institutions currently involved in the development of creative convergence projects.

Documentary Organization of


Coptor Productions Inc., Markham Street Films Inc., Primitive Entertainment Inc., PTV Productions Inc., Symmetree Media

POV Magazine


A web-based information, marketing and promotional tool that will evolve into a distribution portal for independent documentary filmmakers. It will house the first ever searchable database for independent Canadian documentaries. Docspace will help DOC members to strengthen their industry ties, while improving access to Canadian documentary films for the public.

FITC Design and Technology Events

New Media Business Alliance (NMBA)

FITC Design and Technology Festival Business Track Enhancement:

The FITC Design & Technology Festival hosts over 1000 delegates each Spring in downtown Toronto. This year's Enhanced Business Track will feature the top business leaders from around the world. This extra support will attract high profile speakers and focus the world's attention on the Canadian design & technology community.


2006-2007 Recipients - Continued





Harris Institute/Metronome Canada

LiveWire Remote Recorders Ltd, PodChannels Inc., Amperea Software Inc.

Harris Institute - Professional Development Program:

Harris Institute’s Professional Development Program (PDP) will deliver advanced music and media industry training on-line, as a new knowledge portal, and on weekends at its Toronto campus.

Hot Docs – Canadian International Documentary Festival

Directors Guild of Canada - Ontario District Council, Canadian Film Centre (CFC)

Centennial College

Online Market and Conference Prototype:

An integrated on-site digital screening library as well as acquisitions hubs with an on-line market initiative connected to the service.

Insomniac Press, ECW Press Ltd.

Dundurn Press Limited, McClelland & Stewart Ltd.

Digitalizing Books for a New Market of Readers:

A project to digitalize books and help our companies deliver books in electronic formats, transitioning our companies into a new arena of publishing to become an "on-screen" industry.

Linus Entertainment, Borealis Recording Company, Distort Entertainment, Justin Time Records, Last Gang Records, Nettwerk Productions

Canadian Independent Record Production Association

Independent Digital Licensing Agency Inc.:

A one stop source for collective licensing and delivery of Canadian independent music content to new and emerging digital music services in Canada and around the world. The agency will give Canadian independent recording artists and labels access to this critical new revenue stream.

Magazines Canada

Centennial College

Web Weekend:

Magazines Canada, in partnership with Centennial College, will develop and launch “Web Weekend,” an intensive two-day digital initiatives training program created specifically for Canadian magazine publishing professionals.

New Media Business Alliance (Interactive Ontario)

FilmOntario Ontario Film and Television Consortium

Canadian Film and Television Production Association, National Mentorship, Documentary Organization of Canada, FITC Design & Technology Events, Magazines Canada, Organization of Book Publishers Ontario (OBPO), PodChannels Inc., Writers Guild of Canada, Canadian Film Centre - Habitat New Media Lab, Culture Consultants

Partnerships Ontario Digital Synergies (PODS) Phase 1:

PODS is an interactive business partnering and information network that will interconnect Ontario’s creative, research, training and technology leaders across the entertainment and creative cluster.






Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario

Magazines Canada

Canadian Independent Record Production Association (CIRPA)

Ontario Cultural Portal Blueprint (OCPB):

In recognition of the compelling need to find new ways to bring their cultural products to market, the independent book, magazine and sound recording sectors of Ontario will explore the feasibility of a web portal where users can sample and shop for Canadian cultural content.

Seneca College

New Media Business Alliance (NMBA)

Fast Motion Studios Inc. (Fast Motion Media Group), VICON Motion Systems Inc.

Animating Mocap Capacity and Training (AMCaT):

Seneca College and the New Media Business Alliance will establish the only independent motion capture and clean-up studio in the province and create a “mo-cap” hub that will position Ontario to grow its game industry by providing new training and content creation opportunities.

Women in Film and Television

York University - Schulich School of Business

Business Learning Initiative:

The Business Learning Initiative (BLI) is a training program designed by the Schulich School of Business that will offer a senior level certification course targeted to media professionals. It will be offered through the Centre for Media Professionals, WIFT-T’s training division for women and men.

York University

Ryerson University, Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Ontario College of Art and Design, Cinespace Film Studios, Xenophile Media Inc., New Media Business Alliance (NMBA), FilmOntario Ontario Film and Television Consortium, George Brown College, Side Effects Software, University of Toronto - Knowledge Media Design Institute

Optical Regional Advanced Network of Ontario (ORANO), City of Toronto - Economic Development - Culture & Tourism Division, Town of Markham, National Research Council Canada - Institute for Information Technology, Toronto Artscape Inc., Motorola Canada, Apple Canada, Industry Canada, Ontario Centre of Excellence, Ontario Film and Television Studio Owner's Association, Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION), Seneca College

Consortium on New Media, Creative, and Entertainment R&D in the Toronto Region (CONCERT):

A public-private sector GTA consortium of small and large companies, academic institutions, government, and industry associations specifically designed to support R&D, commercialization, and economic development within the entertainment, screen-based and other creative industries. CONCERT will create a dynamic, integrated agenda to identify priorities, attract and direct resources in order to create a world-leading economic cluster in the GTA.


2007-2008 Recipients





Access Copyright

Vanwell Publishing Limited, Irwin Law Inc.

Emond Montgomery Publications Limited

E-Content Portal

Access Copyright in conjunction with Vanwell Publishing, Irwin Law and Edmond Montgomery are conducting a pilot whereby hardcopy published works in the fields of law and Canadian military history will be digitized and made available through a portal (end-user interface) to be used to produce print or digital coursepacks for student in post-secondary courses.

Once these works are converted to a digital format they will be housed in a database accessible through a web portal where professors can select chapters from the database to create a customised coursepack for their classes.

Association of Canadian Publishers

Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario (OBPO)

Gibson Publishing Connections

Canadian Publishers Digital Asset Augmentation

This project will facilitate the entry of a variety of Canadian book publishers into emerging digital markets. The project will support the conversion of about 2000 Canadian titles into XML format, together with an infrastructure and business plan for exploiting the converted works beyond the existing scope of institutional markets.

l'Association des professionels de la chanson et de la musique (APCM)

Sonymage Communications,

Stef Paquette

Virtual Music Community

The Virtual Music Community project will help Franco-Ontarian artists sell music recordings on the internet, in order to create a true meeting place for artists, to raise the profile of Franco-Ontarian culture and to increase the income of members, who are artists from the community.

This project will help create a more extensive communication and promotion network to serve artists and sell their works using well established means such as the i-Tunes-linked Select Digital service.

Brock University

Niagara College, Interactive Ontario Industry Association

Silicon Knights Inc., Corporation of the City of St. Catharines, Niagara Economic Development Corporation, Niagara Enterprise Agency

nGen: the Niagara INteractive Media Generator

The creation of an interactive media generator in Niagara which will initially bring talent and enterprise together around the creation of three interactive projects: a "serious game" related to the War of 1812; a web-based social networking project promoting the Niagara music scene; an investment attraction tool targeting companies in the digital media sector.

These content-driven projects are crucial points on the pathway to the development of nGen's infrastructure, and demonstrations of how nGen can create cooperative structures to create interactive media projects, share human and technical resources, and encourage entrepreneurs in efforts to spur economic development.

Canadian Music Week

Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA), Canadian Music Publisher's Association

Canadian Independent Record Production Association (CIRPA)

The Digital Music + Media Summit

The Digital Music + Media Summit (DMS) provides an enhanced learning experience designed for industry leaders and an unparalleled networking opportunity with some of the world’s brightest minds in the digital music and media fields. DMS will act as a cross-sector bridge between these worlds, with the goal of forming relationships that will results in increased revenues for all parties and enhancement of the consumer’s experience with digital content across all platforms.


2007-2008 Recipients - Continued





Documentary Organization of Canada

Hot Docs - Canadian International Documentary Festival, Interactive Ontario Industry Association, Ontario College of Art and Design, Ryerson University: Faculty of Communication and Design and School of Image Arts

Center for Social Media, School of Communication, American University, Doc Agora Association, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, Bravo! FACT, Canadian Film Centre-Telus Interactive Art and Entertainment Program

Doc Agora Ontario

DocAgora Ontario (DAO) project is an innovative initiative vital and unique in the current evolution of the documentary industry. It aims to increase awareness of current developments of new media and the resulting impact on the documentary industry, to connect international and local documentary communities as well as to bring together filmmakers and new media professionals.

DAO aims to create a marketplace and alternative models for cross platform documentary/new media projects. Within the initial two-year period, DAO aims to offer training to Ontario producers to create cutting-edge projects to be showcased worldwide.

DAO will work in conjunction with international parties, major television and film festivals, and Ontario-based companies to increase partnerships across the entertainment sectors, thus strengthening our industry as a whole.

ECW Press Ltd. & Annick Press Ltd.

Canadian Film and Television Production Association

Documentary Organization of Canada, Second Story Feminist Press Inc., Producer's Roundtable of Ontario, Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario (OBPO),Cormorant Books Inc., Kids Can Press Ltd., Coach House Books Inc.

Books-to-Screen Database

This project seeks to support book publishers and all screen-based media producers, primarily those in the film and television sectors, and including new media creators.

Through this project, book publishers will have increased access to film and television producers, thereby opening up new opportunities to target their content to the purchasers of film and television rights. Ideally, rights to more Canadian books will be optioned. On the flip side, screen-based media producers will have easier and quicker access to fresh, new content that is catalogued in one place and regularly updated.

Les Éditions du Vermillon & Éditions du GREF

Regroupement des éditeurs canadiens-français

Centre FORA, Bouton d'or d’Acadie, Éditions Perce-Neige,

Pris de Parole, Éditions David

Livres pour le Canada francais

Over the course of 2008 and 2009, the project will include the following activities: marketing and distribution of French-Canadian books in all of French Canada, which is new; joint efforts to market the books of French-Canadian publishers which, to date, have mainly focused on Quebec. The target is French-Canadian bookstores, libraries, educational institutions, and organizations that represent hard-to-reach audiences. Marketing efforts will use the internet, the media (television, radio, print media), and joint catalogues based on a theme.

Interactive Ontario Industry Association

Big Blue Bubble Inc., Bitcasters Inc., Capybara Games Inc., Digital Extremes, REDJADE Inc., Silicon Knights Inc.,

Artech Digital Entertainments, Battle Goat Studios, Dark Matter Entertainment, Groove Media Inc

Brock University, Niagara College, Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology, Entertainment Software Association of Canada; International Game Developers Association – Toronto Chapter; SECOR Consulting

Game ON!

Game ON! is a strategic framework and a set of programs and services, bringing together Ontario’s leading video games industry leaders, educators, trainers and government agencies for the purpose of “powering ON” the Ontario games industry.


2007-2008 Recipients - Continued





Ontario College of Art and Design

Canadian Film Centre Media Lab, George Brown College, Ryerson University, marblemedia Interactive Inc., Ecentricarts Inc., Bitcasters Inc., 33 Magnetic Inc., Decode Entertainment Inc., Interactive Ontario Industry Association,

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Achilles Media Ltd., Yahoo! Canada, Telus Mobility, Design Exchange, Quebecor Inc, TVOntario, Virgin Mobile, GestureTek Inc., Devlinia Interactive Inc., Triptych Media Inc.

Mobile Innovation Centre

The Mobile Experience Innovation Centre project aims to develop a centre of excellence for mobile content and services design and commercialization in Ontario. The project will undertake to understand the role of user experience and usability design in the creation of compelling content and services. It will identify the current state of mobile experience design practice globally, the market opportunities for mobile content design solutions, share knowledge across the breadth of the mobile industry based in Ontario at a number of industry forums, identify specific project opportunities for industry-industry and industry-academic collaboration. This activity will feed the development of a business case and business plan for an institutional framework that will facilitate ongoing activity in the identification and execution of mobile experience design innovation.

Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario (OBPO)

Association of Canadian Publishers

Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

Gutenberg 2.0

The book publishing industry has been changing dramatically in the last few years. The technological disruptions seen in other cultural sectors are now making their effects felt in book publishing. The industry’s leading trade organization have identified training in new technologies and new business models as key to the industry’s long-term viability.

This project proposes a course for publishers and upper-level management employees of publishing houses that would teach the practical application of new technologies and, more importantly, how to adapt and survive technological disruption. Another component of this course will be connecting these industry veterans with people who are just now entering the book publishing industry.

Ottawa-Gatineau Film & Television Development Corporation

Sound Venture Productions, GAPC Entertainment

City of Ottawa, Nordicity Group Limited, CTV Ottawa

Feasibility Study For a Multi-Media Production Centre

A feasibility study with respect to creating a multi-media (Television, Film, Music, Animation, Gaming) production centre (MPC) that would address one of the key infrastructure deficits in the Ottawa region.

Planet in Focus

Toronto Film Studios Inc., IATSE Local 873, FilmOntario Ontario Film and Television Consortium, PANAVISION CANADA CORPORATION, Deluxe Laboratories, C.F.T.P.A. - Toronto Office, City of Toronto - Economic Development - Culture & Tourism Division, DGC Ontario, ACTRA Toronto, PS Production Services Ltd.

Toronto Green Screen Initiative

The initiative aims to create a set of sustainable best practices protocols leading to a certification program for the Toronto film and television industry, using a third party verification mechanism, under which green-abiding productions would be accredited. The purpose is to place Toronto on the leading edge of green and sustainable film production at a time when demand for green solutions and standards are extremely high from within the industry (locally, nationally and internationally) and from the public at large.

The project will also create a Green Production Guide as well as a Green Resource Guide for Ontario-based productions.


2008-2009 Recipients





Bedlam Games Inc. & C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures Inc.

Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology

Project Workflow

This project will develop a motion capture (mocap)/animation management software and a workflow process to improve the turn-around time and cost of using mocap in digital media projects. Traditional workflows require the entire mocap session to be manually processed before delivery to the user, which is expensive and time-consuming. To date, only proprietary systems have been developed to streamline this process so that the user can pre-select which sections need to be processed first. This project will produce workflow-reducing software that will be released to the local industry, usable by film/TV producers, video game developers, visual effects/animation companies and motion capture studios in Ontario.

Cam Haynes Enterprises

Triptych Media Inc., Strada Films Inc.

Ontario Innovations in Distribution Project

The Ontario Innovations in Distribution (OIDC) is a project of the Ontario Distribution Company (working name), a new feature film distribution enterprise that will use innovative business and marketing strategies to overcome existing barriers to success for Ontario feature films. The project seeks to engage Producers more directly with the distribution of their own films and will use three Ontario films to test their proposed business plan focusing on highly targeted and innovative marketing to Ontario audiences. The promotional plan involves building and sustaining audiences through road tours (e.g., Film Circuit), blog targeting, viral campaigns, social network outreach, special presentation screenings, etc.

Canadian Music Week


Canadian Independent Record Production Association (CIRPA), Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA), Music Managers Forum Canada (MMF Canada)

Spotlight on Asia

Spotlight on Asia is a two-phase initiative designed to radically expand upon Canada and Ontario's traditional music export markets. Through inbound missions to Canadian Music Week (CMW) in 2009 from China and Japan, and 2010 from India, Spotlight On Asia will open up new sales territories for Canadian music companies (of which 70% are Ontario-based). Ontario companies will have access to the international delegates through the International Marketplace at CMW, co-founded by OMDC, and by specially arranged one-on-one meetings.

Phase 1 - CMW 2009: inbound mission of 50 delegates from Greater China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau) and Japan. CMW will create a market intelligence report to be presented to the Canadian industry in advance.

Phase 2 - CMW 2010: inbound mission of 50 delegates from India. A market intelligence report based on small outbound mission to India in fall 2009,will be created prior to the activity and shared with the Canadian music industry.

Digital Extremes Inc.

Big Blue Bubble Inc.

London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), REDJADE Inc.,

The University of Western Ontario, Fanshawe College

Digital Interactive Gaming London (DIG London) Conference

DIG London is an industry conference designed to bring together the various elements of the Ontario video game development sector including developers, publishers, service providers, educational institutions, industry sector representatives, government officials and other interested organizations. The conference will enable the participants to network, share best practices, discuss issues related to the growth of the sector in Ontario, and pursue business opportunities.

This event is the first for this partnership and is expected to become an annual conference which will grow and bring additional value to the sector each year.


2008-2009 Recipients - Continued





Documentary Organization of Canada - association des Documentaristes du Canada (DOC)

Coptor Productions Inc., Markham Street Films Inc., Primitive Entertainment Inc.,

PTV Productions Inc.,

Symmetree Media

Title House Distribution

DOCSpace Phase II

DOCspace is a social networking site embracing both documentary professionals and documentary fans and offers a portal for all things documentary in Ontario and Canada. On DOCspace, documentary filmmakers can post their professional profile, advertise their skills, connect with key crewmembers and artistic personnel, as well as market their films globally. DOCspace contains a searchable database where users can search for films by name, title and subject. The content is user-driven and allows both filmmakers and members of the public to enhance the site's content.

Phase II of the project will add a distribution function to the site and enhance the networking and marketing aspects of DOCSpace, creating new revenue opportunities for Ontario documentary filmmakers and producers.

Independent Digital Licensing Agency (IDLA)

Canadian Independent Record Production Association (CIRPA)

Independent Digital Licensing Agency (IDLA) Phase 2

IDLA provides independent labels and artists with digital asset delivery to digital music services, royalty collection and administration, copyright enforcement, and collective licensing through an organization whose financial interests are directly aligned with its independent artists and label members.

IDLA Phase 1, funded through the Partnerships Fund, built capacity by striking deals with digital services, mobile carriers, content logistics and royalty administration services.

IDLA Phase 2 is the staffing and operational launch of the Independent Digital Licensing Agency, hiring staff and commencing operations - delivering music on behalf of its existing and new independent Canadian label members to digital services, and beginning the administration of neighboring rights and private copying royalties for independent Canadian labels and artists, and expanding membership beyond the 20 label shareholders.

Interactive Ontario Industry Association (IO)


ONKidz is a content and market development strategy to support the creation and commercialization of interactive media content and services for kids. The strategy will culminate in the staging of a world class event showcasing Ontario-made interactive media content for kids to International and extra-provincial buyers in the spring of 2010.

It is intended that ONKidz will become both a annual event and an internationally recognized brand for Ontario kids interactive media content creators and distributors, and will establish new cross-sector partnerships, especially between interactive content creators and "traditional" media companies involved in the kids marketplace.

Last Gang Records Inc.

Paper Bag Records Inc.,

Dine Alone Music Inc.,


OperatIons, Sonic Unyon Records and Distribution

Turnkey Music Services (TMS)

This initiative is a partnership between some of the most successful independent music labels in Canada and will establish a US-based marketing services company to provide radio promotion, print publicity, online and retail marketing services to Canadian artists and record labels exporting product to the US. The initiative will enable independent music labels and their artists to more effectively compete and expand into the lucrative US market.


2008-2009 Recipients - Continued





Magazines Canada

Magazines Canada Digital Discovery

This project supports the creation and hosting of digital editions of Ontario and other Canadian magazines. Magazines Canada will research and, through an RFP process, select an independent and seasoned provider of digital services to develop a conversion, delivery, and maintenance solution. A marketing plan will help magazines utilize the materials created to access new markets, improve customer satisfaction and keep pace with trends in new media and mobile technology.

Music Managers Forum Canada (MMF Canada)

Cerberus Artist Management, Finkelstein Management Company, Bumstead Productions Ltd.

New Media Architects Ltd.

Music Managers Online Platform

This project will add B2B functionality to the MMF Canada website in the form of a content management system with an integrated extranet.

These enhancements will enable individual managers to present information about their artists on their Artists Websites, for example press kits, bio’s and photos, and, using their individual private extranet, managers can interact directly with music industry representatives on behalf of their artists, e.g. media interview request management and live performance engagement management, as well as providing downloads of gig posters, stage plots, interview clips, contract riders, itineraries etc

The platform will include a Members Extranet where MMF Canada members can view, publish and interact amongst themselves in a private, secure environment.

Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD)

Canadian Film Centre Media Lab,

George Brown College,

Ryerson University,

University of Ontario, Institute of Technology,

33 Magnetic Inc.,

Achilles Media Ltd.,

Bitcasters Inc.,

Ecentricarts Inc.,

GestureTek, Interactive Ontario Industry Association,

marblemedia Interactive Inc.

CANOE, Design Exchange,

WirelessNorth.ca, Telus Mobility

Mobile Experience Innovation Centre

This project targets the mobile platform content, design and service delivery sectors. It is a research and development collaboration between major industry, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and academic/research partners that provide and develop the mobile content, design, services, technology and related platform ecosystem.

The project will shape the future of the mobile content and services space in Ontario and abroad by developing a platform for research and commercialization in mobile content, services and technology innovation; by sharing current pre-competitive insights and market intelligence among partners, businesses and academic institutions; identifying and brokering specific collaborative opportunities, and providing an ongoing and accessible resource through research findings, reports, summits and workshops.

Ontario Library Association (OLA)

Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP)

Bibliocommons, Knowledge Ontario

reForest Interactive

Building on the success of The Forest of Reading Program in Ontario schools across Ontario, this initiative will build a series of interactive online environments that enable new relationships between author and reader, and new channels for the sale of nominated and related titles. In the process, a direct sales impact of 20% is projected. While the Forest titles (representing 70% or more Ontario publishers) will be used as the basis for these developments, the tools and channels will be transferable to all small-marketing-budget titles, in books, film and music. (A-V materials account for approximately 40% of Public Library lending.)


2008-2009 Recipients - Continued





Pembroke Publishers Limited

Annick Press Ltd., Owlkids Books formerly Maple Tree Press Inc., Second Story Feminist Press Inc., Tundra Books

Traveling Literacy Landmarks Workshops

The Literacy Landmarks Traveling Workshops will give up to 500 key educators in 5 Ontario centres an opportunity to discuss major education issues and hear some of Canada's most respected educators and popular children's authors. A free copy of a significant book and an opportunity to purchase books will be part of the workshops. The workshops will encourage key educators to disseminate information on the selected books to their colleagues back in their schools.

The project will take advantage of a major funding initiative for school library collections that has been announced by the Ontario Ministry of Education and a significant increase in sales revenue is anticipated. This project will strengthen relationships with the education community, and create a prototype for traveling workshops and book fairs that will be shared with the Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario (OBPO).

Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

DGC Ontario, IATSE Local 667

FilmOntario Ontario Film and Television Consortium, Filmport Development Inc.

Creative Previsualization Unit

The Creative Previsualization Unit will establish a studio/lab facility for applied research and training in the area of previsualization for film and television and other screen-based media in Ontario. The project combines the use of the latest technologies, including 3D modeling and motion capture systems as well as technologies for rapid modeling including photogrammetry and 3D scanning, to create interactive virtual worlds for the exploration of shot planning, visual style, and story development.

Located at FILMPORT, the unit will work with production, software and hardware companies, as well as industry organizations, guilds and unions, to establish effective practices for increased collaboration, creativity, and efficiencies in the use of digital 2D and 3D previsualization for animation, live action, and visual effects projects.

University of Toronto, Adaptive Technology Resource Centre

Lights, Camera, Access! (LCA), SUN TV/Quebecor Media, Fireweed Media Productions Inc., Ontario College of Art and Design

Bridging Gaps to Access & Employment in the Entertainment & Media Industries for Persons with Disabilities

Through Lights, Camera, Access!, an industry association formed to advance the presence and participation of persons with disabilities in the entertainment, media and new media industries, skills training for employers and employees with disabilities will be provided through online and onsite workshops/conferences/events. Other resources will be developed, such as internships/mentorships (to be provided by project partners Sun TV and Fireweed Media), and leading edge content, transferable to existing learning institutions' courses.

The focus is to increase the capacity of established industry players in film, television and new media to engage the services of qualified people with disabilities, both in front of and behind the camera, in the conception, production and distribution of their product through a strengthened labour pool; increase the skills level of persons with disabilities to enhance their competitive advantage when qualifying for positions in the creative sector, and increase the presence and participation of people with disabilities in the entertainment, media and new media industries, resulting in a more inclusive industry.

An integrated management system and database will be developed by University of Toronto, Adaptive Technology Resource Centre (ATRC) to provide a referral service for employment, support casting directors, host online courses and introduce social networking tools for community building.


2008-2009 Recipients - Continued





White Pine Pictures Inc. & Kensington Communications Inc.

Humber College, School of Media Studies & Information Technology, Historica Foundation of Canada

Toronto History Project, Canadian Independent Record Production Association (CIRPA)

Connect Toronto

Connect Toronto is a multiplatform content initiative that uses Toronto's upcoming 175th anniversary as a springboard to share the city's music history and stories with its citizens and the world. Conceived as an interactive walking tour, the project's primary thrust is to use mobisodes to promote Toronto's music scene and history, while developing an innovative model for sponsorship and revenue sharing. The project engages users to explore Toronto's streets by foot, or online, while viewing location-specific mini-documentaries. 24 X 2 minutes videos and an accompanying interactive map will create a celebrity-guided "walking tour" of Toronto's music scene for delivery via wireless, television, web, and urban screen in 2009.

2009-2010 Recipients

Entertainment and Creative Cluster Partnerships Fund
Recipient’s List - Fourth Round
Co-administered by Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) & Ministry of Culture





Algoma University

Digital Arts and Technology Association (DATA), Brock University, Cerebral Vortex Games Inc., Digital Extremes, PlayBrains Inc.

Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre, Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), City of Toronto, Communitech: Waterloo Region Technology Association, Fanshawe College, Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Side Effects Software Inc., London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), Niagara Interactive Media Generator/ nGEN, Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI)

Ontario Digital Games Business Incubator Network

This project creates a network of business incubators and related institutions serving the digital games development community in Ontario. Regardless of their location in the province, developers of digital games will be able to access the very best business incubation and acceleration programs and services. The network will also leverage the resources and talents of related academic institutions, promoting the right skills and providing opportunities for graduates.

Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP)

Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario (OBPO)

Canadian Publishers Digital Services Implementation Project (CPDS)

Canadian Publishers Digital Services is a suite of services being offered by the Association of Canadian Publishers that will help publishers maximize the fast emerging opportunities presented by digitization technology and build their capacity to flourish and thrive in the quickly changing digital marketplace. CPDS will allow participating publishers to leverage the benefits of collectivity in three ways: purchasing the necessary technology and services to enter the marketplace at reduced costs; offering the marketplace a substantial body of content on terms more advantageous to publishers because of the volume on offer; and distilling for publishers the most current and relevant information on technology developments and market opportunities.

Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA)

Virtual Music Export Office

Designed to create and support alliances, the Virtual Music Export Office will increase agility in the cluster and respond to major shifts in creation, distribution and delivery systems. The project will target emerging markets and distribution channels by: contracting individuals in Asia/Pacific, UK/Europe and the U.S. to rep Ontario music companies; forming an outbound mission to the Los Angeles TV and film markets; and providing professional instruction for Ontario-based companies on how to conduct business in the previously mentioned markets.

Canadian Music Week

Music Managers Forum Canada, Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA), Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA)

Indian Music Industry (IMI)

Spotlight on India

“Spotlight on India” is Canadian Music Week’s initiative to exploit new territories, market through new channels, expose new musical genres from niche markets, and help Ontario businesses enter or expand in the Indian market. Plans include: promoting trade and investment between Ontario and India; fostering direct contact between Ontario and international buyers; providing market intelligence to assist Ontario companies develop strategies for India; and working with local Indian communities to promote Indo-Canadian artists in their natural markets overseas.

Computer Animation Studios of Ontario (CASO)

CASO Web Based Development Tools aka “CASO Cluster Hub”

A suite of web-based social networking and marketing tools that that will: strengthen links between CASO members; improve CASO member outreach and recruitment; and provide a centralized marketing platform for new business and employment opportunities in the digital animation and effects cluster.

Documentary Organization of Canada - Toronto Chapter (DOC)

Ryerson University, Hot Docs - Canadian International Documentary Festival

National Film Board (NFB)

DOCShift: Real Stories to Multiple Platforms

This project creates business opportunities for Ontario filmmakers and new media producers by facilitating the merger of skill sets and innovative interactive documentary genres. The project comprises three components: a creative convergence lab, a series of training workshops and an incubator program to output working prototypes ready for full production.


Glassbox Television Inc., Arts & Crafts Productions Inc.

Universal Music Canada, CBC Radio3

X3 Source

For Canadian music fans, the X3 Source unites the very best music news, interviews, videos and more from multiple publishing partners into an online resource that travels with you as you browse your favourite music websites and blogs. This web application 'widget' will dramatically enhance the ability of emerging Ontario and Canadian bands to reach music fans.

FITC Events

York University, Canadian Film Centre (CFC), Women In Film and Television - Toronto (WIFT); Digital Arts and Technology Association (DATA)

C3 Inc.

The Interactive Narratives Initiatives

This project makes a new way of telling stories available to Ontarians using the very latest in interactive content management software – by introducing a new media architecture featuring an adaptive nature that can change the users’ experiences on the fly during the playback of audiovisual content. In doing so, creators of audiovisual content in Ontario will be able to display their present content in a more engaging fashion than is possible with more traditional linear film or TV techniques.

Hot Docs - Canadian International Documentary Festival

Centennial College, Documentary Organization of Canada – Toronto Chapter (DOC)

KinoSmith, Real Screen

DOC DigiMarket Initiative Phase Two

An eighteen month multi-platform/multi-event project, the Doc DigiMarket Initiative will provide Ontario documentary producers and filmmakers with new incubation and financing opportunities for cross-platform content, as well digital marketing and distribution training and resources. This will be delivered through events staged at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and online, including a public portal enhancement to allow access to a large number of Hot Docs titles for a preview and purchase consumer point-of-sale.

International Readings at Harbourfront Inc.

House of Anansi Press Inc., McArthur & Company Publishing Limited

International Visitors Programme

This project will build on and expand the International Visitors (IV) Programme at the annual International Festival of Authors in October to create new international networking and business opportunities for Ontario publishers. International publishing industry professionals including editors, publishers, literary agents, rights managers and booksellers will be recruited to participate in a four-day programme of meetings, panels and events designed to create inter-industry dialogue and grow relationships with key international decision-makers.

Magazines Canada

Canadian Magazines International (CMI)

Canadian Magazines International has two components: the first will bring key international magazine publishing innovators and decision-makers to Canada for the annual MagNet Conference held in Toronto, while also sending Canadian magazine leaders around the world for conferences and knowledge-exchange; the second will profile Canadian magazine publishing leaders in a semi-annual professional magazine (print and digital), ‘Canadian Magazines Canadiens’. The professional trade magazine will be sent to key magazine publishing decision-makers in Canada and worldwide.

North by Northeast Conferences Inc. (NXNE)

FITC Events, NOW Magazine Inc.

Interactive Ontario Industry Association, SXSW Interactive, Glassbox Television Inc.


A new event for digital creators, tech entrepreneurs and new media producers at the NXNE Festival and Conference. Focused on integrating musicians and the music industry with the interactive world, NXNEi will consist of three components: Presentations and Panels, Connections ("speed-dating"), and Industry Networking. NXNEi will also enable bloggers, web designers, and social media experts to learn about new products and technologies, share new ideas and innovations, develop new business strategies and marketing opportunities, and to network and expand industry connections.

Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario (OBPO)

Project Bookmark Canada

Humber College - The Creative Book Publishing Program

Ontario: Read It Here

This project promotes Ontario literature, locales and literary events to the widest possible audience, on site and online by: installing permanent plaques bearing passages from site-specific literature in locations across Ontario; producing “readalogues”/travelogues for said installations; creating an interactive online map including the “readalogues”/travelogues to create an attention-grabbing web presence; and a fully-rounded, comprehensive marketing and publicity campaign for the project.

Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Computer Animation Studios of Ontario (CASO)

Fast Forward to a Digital Future - Education and Training for Ontario Animation

This project will quickly and efficiently train industry professionals in a broader range of animation and business skills so they can fully contribute to the long-term growth of Ontario’s entertainment and creative cluster. Proposed training pilot courses are: Entrepreneurial and Business Skills Development ("The Business of Digital"); Improved Production Pipeline Content Knowledge; and Trainer Professional Development ("Successful On-Boarding for new employees: A Train the Trainer Approach").

Strategic Innovation Lab, OCAD

Corus Entertainment Inc., Breakthrough New Media Inc., marblemedia Interactive Inc., Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP)

Sheridan College, York University, National Film Board (NFB), Communitech: Waterloo Region Technology Association, Glassbox Television Inc., Nordicity Group Ltd., Achilles Media Inc., Gesturetek, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Ontario Centres of Excellence

2020 Media Futures

A multi-industry strategic foresight project designed to understand and envision what media may look like by 2020 – what kind of cross-platform internet environment may shape our media and entertainment in the coming decade and how Ontario firms can take action today toward capturing and maintaining positions of national and international leadership.

University of Toronto - Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI)

University of Western Ontario - Laboratory for Humanistic Fabrication

Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), Brock University, Three S Productions - Home of BunnyEars.tv, Aesthetec Studio Inc., marblemedia Interactive Inc., Torch Partnership Inc., Emerging Methods

Designing Digital Media for the Internet of Things (DDiMIT)

The 'internet of things' heralds new opportunities for media content creators. DDiMIT provides a platform for collectively exploring these new possibilities. The project will develop a physical space and tools for hands-on workshops, collaborations and showcase events as well as a virtual space for disseminating the work of local media companies. By sustaining knowledge- sharing & exchange between consortium members and by leveraging ongoing work by university partners, the project will work to build Ontario as a global centre for innovation in designing new digitally-enabled objects and related media. The project will also explore possible models for long-term sustainable support for its mission.

York University - Faculty of Fine Arts

Canadian Film Centre (CFC)

Cinespace Film Studios, Ontario Centres of Excellence, Computer Animation Studios of Ontario (CASO), Starz Animation Toronto, 3D Camera Company, PS Production Services Ltd., Creative Post Inc., Side Effects Software Inc.

3D FLIC (3D Film Innovation Consortium)

3D FLIC will create a model for applied research and development that will expand the capacity for stereoscopic 3D cinema production in Ontario. Academic and industry-led applied research projects will bring together renowned vision scientists and filmmakers at York University and the acclaimed Canadian Film Centre with screen-based industry leaders and cover all facets of 3D media production. R&D teams formed among these 3D FLIC partners will develop new knowledge about 3D production and workflows, directly support commercial growth, and train the next generation of content creators to ensure Ontario is a leader in this new production paradigm.


2010-2011 Recipients

Entertainment and Creative Cluster Partnerships Fund Recipient’s List - Fifth Round
Co-administered by Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC)
& Ministry of Tourism Culture

Primary Partner

Secondary Partner

Additional Partner

Project Description

Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP)

Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario (OBPO)

The Canadian Publishers' Consortia Digital Asset Management (DAM) Project will provide Canadian publishers with the infrastructure they need to thrive in the digital marketplace by providing access to a combination of systems and services to efficiently and securely create, archive, distribute, market, and directly sell their ebooks. ACP will purchase both metadata management and digital asset distribution tools that can be used by the publishers enrolled in its Canadian Publishers Digital Services (CPDS) activities to facilitate management, distribution, and sales of their digital assets. By purchasing centrally, with many publishers making use of the same services, all participants will benefit from better pricing than they would obtain individually and realize greater efficiencies, and as a result better margins, in getting their digital content to market.

Ballinran Productions Ltd.

Co-Primaries: Digital Wizards (Ontario) Inc., 3reedom Digital Inc.

Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Canadian Actors' Equity Association

The Digital Stage Initiative is a research and development project that examines how content developed for the stages of Ontario theatre can be adapted and repurposed for use on other platforms AND be commercially viable for Ontario content creators and the theatre industry alike. The feasibility study is the anchor of the Digital Stage Initiative. Using the 2011 Playbill of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival as a case study, it will include research into digital theatre practices from Canada and around the world examining best practices on a range of topics that include financing, copyright, royalties and rights, union agreements, technology innovations and trends, audience research, marketing and revenue potential for ancillary digital media products.

Brock University

Niagara College of Applied Arts & Technology, University of Western Ontario

Furi Enterprises, Inc., Morro Images Inc., City of St. Catharines, Winvolve, Fourgrounds Media Inc., nGen, Interactive Ontario (IO), Digital Arts and Technology Association (DATA), Digital Extremes Ltd.

The Ontario Augmented Reality Network (OARN) is a unique collaboration of universities, private-sector developers, cultural agencies, trade associations, local government, and business generators dedicated to building and expanding the Augmented Reality Applications (ARA) sector across Ontario. The initiative consists of three pillars of activities (knowledge-sharing, research and training) in three locales: St. Catharines, London and Toronto.

Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA)

CIMA’s Music Export Portal and Mobile Application extends the elements of the existing opportunities presented by the Virtual Music Export Office initiated by CIMA last year. The following improvements are proposed: 1) Build upon the Canadian Blast website (enhanced homepage layout, advanced search functions, tour dates in a calendar format, updates, social media integration; and 2) Mobify the site to increase its audience reach. The website lists 400 international gigs, 267 artists and international trade events and also houses 12,000 industry contacts.

Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA)

Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC)

Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, Toronto Centre for the Arts

Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame Exhibit Project: The funding will facilitate an in-depth ‘Feasibility Study’ for the creation of a physical Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, to be housed at the Toronto Centre for the Arts facility in Toronto, Ontario, the only major arts venue north of Bloor Street in Toronto, Ontario. The Hall of Fame will demonstrate and showcase best in class innovation in the area of technology, allowing for skills development that create both domestic and international marketing opportunities for the CSHF, the City of Toronto, the Province of Ontario.

Canadian Music Week (CMW)

Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA), Music Managers Forum Canada, Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA), Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC)

UBIFRANCE, Brasil Musica e Artes (Brazilian Music Export Office), Music Matters, Novasonik

Canadian Music Week: ‘Spotlight on Latin America 2012’ is a project strategically designed to develop new channels for distribution, marketing and sales opportunities for Ontario's music sector at home and in the above emerging territory. The project includes all areas of music and entertainment including recording, publishing, music licensing, live performance and touring industries as well as all related technologies such as mobile, new media, technology, TV, film, gaming, broadcasting.

Cultural Careers Council Ontario (CCCO)

Magazines Canada, Interactive Ontario (IO), Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario (OBPO), HotDocs

Creative Industries Business and Leadership Mentoring Program: To develop and evaluate a business and leadership skills mentorship program that would match senior personnel from growth-oriented companies across the cultural industries with appropriate mentors from the creative and other sectors. Between 1-4 senior personnel in growth oriented companies (to a maximum of 15 individuals) in each of the creative industry sectors, who have been in business for at least three years, would be matched with appropriate mentors. CCCO would provide coaching for both mentors and mentorees to ensure the establishment of a strong working relationship, monitor the teams’ progress, and provide several facilitative workshops.

Fresh Baked Entertainment Inc.

Mongrel Media Inc., Joe's Daughter Inc.

COMSolve Inc.

A Multi-Platform Marketing And Audience Engagement (Pilot) Program For Canadian Feature Film: This project will leverage and develop the partners' collective knowledge of social media and online content consumption to create a new model for marketing and distribution of Canadian films. By enriching the consumer's connection with and experience of a film prior to and through the release, the project will show how Canadian producers, distributors and independent filmmakers can use social media and other online tools to build their audience, maximize their limited marketing dollars and increase distribution revenue.

Hot Docs

Interactive Ontario (IO), Centennial College, Cultural Careers Council Ontario (CCCO)

Canadian Film Centre Media Lab, nextMedia, KinoSmith, The Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC), George Brown College

Docs on Demand: Phase 2: In this phase of "Docs On Demand", Hot Docs and the project partners will develop an integrated strategy focused on increasing financing and distribution opportunities for Ontario's docmakers. This will include assessing the value proposition of current and planned digital aggregator systems and content partnerships; developing alternate funding models such as crowd-sourcing and fiscal sponsorship; as well as producing practical professional development resources for the sector.

Independent Digital Licensing Agency Inc. (IDLA)

Indie Pool Inc., Norris Whitney Communi-cations Inc.

Direct to Consumer Mobile & Online Distribution Platform for Independent Labels & Artists: IDLA and Indie Pool propose to build a white label artist / label branded online and mobile storefront solution that will allow for the direct to consumer sale of both physical products and digital files – in a multitude of formats and with the transaction, pricing and bundling options to be controlled by the artist or independent label.

Magazines Canada

Digital Discovery: The Next Generation (TNG) will build on the Canadian Digital Newsstand (a successful previous Partnership Fund project) that will enhance the existing site with dynamic marketing and archiving functions as well as the creation of mobile-friendly websites and a feasibility study exploring the creation of a unique Canadian digital magazine and content platform system.

North by Northeast Conferences Inc. (NXNE)

FITC Events, National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

NOW Magazine Inc., Women in Film and Television - Toronto (WIFT-T), Writers' Guild of Canada (WGC), AUX-TV, Digital Arts & Technology Association (DATA)

NXNEi 2011 delivers an exciting new interactive experience for creators, new media producers, and tech entrepreneurs. This year's conference builds on the sold-out success of 2010’s music-themed event by adding a focus on connecting the film industry with digital interactive companies, technologies, and business opportunities. With 4 days of leading-edge workshops, panel sessions, and inspiring keynote addresses, NXNEi will also draw web designers & developers, social media aficionados, and anyone interested in the digital interactive world.

Quill & Quire

Co-Primary: The Walrus Magazine

Open Book: Toronto and Open Book: Ontario (The Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario OBPO)

Toronto Life (St. Joseph Media)

The "Open Book Network" Project: Quill & Quire, Canada's magazine of book news and reviews, is partnering with The Walrus magazine and Open Book: Toronto and Open Book: Ontario (part of the Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario) to create a series of thematically-related webcasts (audio and video) called the “Open Book Network.” The project will also be supported by Toronto Life magazine.

Regroupement des éditeurs canadiens-français (RECF)

À L'HORIZON DU NUMÉRIQUE: This project will enable French-Canadian publishers to fully enter the digital market, by providing support for the digital conversion of their backlist collections and the publishing of new titles in epub format.

Ryerson University

Marble Media, Digital Extremes, Breakthrough Entertain-ment, Corus Entertain-ment, Xenophile Media

Achilles Media

New Product Development for the Creative Industries: The current convergence of media across various screens (cinema, TV, personal computer, and mobile) offers creative content producers a unique opportunity to stand back and re-evaluate their methods for producing new products. This project proposes studying established commercial/industrial methodologies for new product development and applying those practices to the creation and production of screen-based entertainment content. With the view to improve the likelihood of their products’ commercial success and critical acclaim, this project aims to create a knowledge base of reliable practices for Ontario’s entertainment content creation companies.

Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

International Cinemato-graphers Guild - IATSE 667

Directors Guild of Canada – Ontario (DGC), FilmOntario, ACTRA - Toronto

The Regional Training and Consulting Unit (RTCU) will be established as part of Sheridan College’s Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT) at Pinewood Toronto Studios. It will create a collaborative professional development facility serving key technical, creative and administrative personnel within Ontario’s film, television, and gaming sectors. RTCU will work with industry producer groups and guilds to develop pilot training modules, seminars, and workshops with particular focus on the increased integration of tasks and convergence of various production processes across targeted sectors. Complementary consulting and marketing activities will help build and brand Ontario’s content production community as one of the most advanced in the world.

Toronto International Film Festival Inc. (TIFF)

Ryerson University, Interactive Ontario (IO), Hand Eye Society

Ubisoft Canada Inc., DDMiT Consortium (University of Toronto), George Brown College - Digifest, Site 3 coLaboratory Centre for Art and Technology, Women in Film and Television - Toronto (WIFT-T)

TIFF.nexus is mandated to equip a new generation of Ontario’s storytellers with the networks, skills, and partners that they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving and growing digital media landscape.

TIFF.nexus will be thematically organized and consist of four major business conferences paired with four cross-sector creative jams:
1) Conference Events – addressing the needs and gaps in the sector by exploring key themes relevant to Ontario’s new media industries:
2) Creative Jams – accelerating creativity as teams of media-makers and business management professionals conceive and prototype new ideas/products explored in conference events.

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

York University

Digital Extremes Ltd., BigBlue Bubble Inc., University of Waterloo, S-3D Gaming Alliance, University of Western Ontario, Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), OCAD University (OCADU), Bedlam Games, Electronic Arts Inc., Junction Visual Effects Inc., George Brown College

Interactive Games Ontario 3D (iGO3D) will define a quality user experience by: (1) establishing a game test facility where game developers can test their games and create a standardized set of game design parameters; (2) create guidelines for game development work flow techniques; (3) further S3D vision and auditory research with a view to verifying game design parameters; and (4) disseminate this information to Ontario's gaming industry through focused webinars and conferences.

Women in Film & Television - Toronto

University of Waterloo - Stratford Campus

Dynamix Solutions, FITC Events, City of Stratford, Rhyzome Networks

Women in Digital Media Summit & Speakers' Series: WIFT-T & The University of Waterloo, Stratford Campus will be hosting an International Digital Media Summit and Speakers' Series. The project will focus on women in digital media with an exploration of sector research, professional development, networking, and mentorship.


2011-2012 Recipients

Primary Partner

Secondary Partner

Additional Partner

Project Title/Project Description

Association des professionnels de la chanson et la musique

Mouvement des intervenants et des intervenantes en Communication Radio de l'Ontario, Réseau Ontario

L’excellence se diffuse par la voix des artistes (Spreading excellence through the voices of Francophone artists)
To offer more Franco-Ontarian content that reflects the creative
talents, cultural diversity and social values of Ontario as well as special provincial, regional and local characteristics. Expand access to accessible innovative and quality communication services that correspond to the needs and values of our listeners.

Association of Canadian Publishers

Canadian Children's Book

School & Library Book Marketing Platform
This project will add a distinct layer of high-value content for librarians and educators to the existing listing of close to 50,000 Canadian-authored titles on Canadian Bookshelf, an online discovery platform for Canadian books. No single or major resource for educators seeking suitable Canadian books for particular grade levels or subject areas currently exists. Adding this layer of specialist content will provide a very valuable tool to educators and librarians, along with wholesalers, parents and others, and will facilitate the purchasing of Canadian books for educational purposes.

Canadian Film Centre

OCAD University, HotDocs

Women in Film and Television - Toronto,
Seneca College,
Summerwood Group Inc., University of Waterloo -Stratford Campus, Canadian Media Production Association, Nordicity, Wesley Clover International, Achilles Media, Interactive Ontario,
MaRS Discovery District,
Toronto International Film Festival Inc.

ASTOUND Initiative: Towards building Ontario's First Content Accelerator
ASTOUND is a phased, systematic initiative that seeks to encourage private investment in content-based businesses in Ontario. The end goal is to evolve the lean start-up accelerator model first developed in Silicon Valley into a program specifically designed for content-based businesses. The three phases in the ASTOUND Initiative include a.) the development of a series of toolkits that will mitigate and/or lower the risk for private investors interested in content-based businesses; b.) the prototyping of accelerator programs that use these toolkits; c.) the evaluation and analysis of these prototype accelerators.

Canadian Media Production Association

Ryerson University - School of Radio and Television Arts

Transmedia Production Acceleration Program
The Transmedia Production Acceleration Program (TPAP) is designed to provide Ontario-based production personnel with formalized training, coupled with a paid mentorship opportunity in the film, television and interactive media sector.

Documentary Organization of Canada

Interactive Ontario,
Association of Canadian

Curriculum Services Canada, Independent Learning Centre

DOCS IN CLASS: Films Fit for Tomorrow's Learner
The DOCS IN CLASS initiative connects Ontario’s documentary filmmakers with curriculum experts, educational distributors and educators. The goal is to identify and expand revenue-generating curriculum opportunities for filmmakers in partnership with other independent Ontario-based content creators including book publishers and e-learning digital companies.
DOCS IN CLASS will fill critical gaps in the educational resource supply chain through the development of compelling documentary-based interactive learning tools. DOCS IN CLASS seeks to find an effective centralized delivery system to ensure that more Canadian documentaries reach educators in learner and teacher friendly forms and formats.

eBOUND Canada

Association of Canadian

Discovery and Disintermediation: Direct-to-Consumer Digital Sales Platform and Discoverability Marketing Campaigns
eBOUND , with the Association of Canadian Publishers as partner, is proposing to create meaningful programs of discoverability and disintermediation with the express purpose of raising the profile of Canadian ebook content and converting that awareness into sales. The primary component of the project centers on the construction of multiple marketing campaigns or partnerships to test various vehicles and digital marketing methods. The partners further propose to acquire a direct-to-consumer “white label” ecommerce solution for publishers’ websites.

Hot Docs

The Documentary Organization of Canada,
Canadian Film Centre Media Lab, Canadian Media Production Association, Cultural Careers Council Ontario

Media Intelligence

To facilitate an additional 500+ additional theatrical screening across the province, focused on competitive rev-share back to rights holders and coupled with an aggressive public engagement campaign promoting domestic titles and filmmakers

Interactive Ontario Industry Association

Computer Animation Studios Ontario, FilmOntario

LAX: The Los Angeles Connection
In order to gain significant and consistent access to the LA entertainment market, stronger linkages need to be developed between Ontario and LA markets. To do this Interactive Ontario is proposing a one-year program consisting of four key components that will work to both strengthen three targeted Ontario clusters, as well as provide opportunities for producers within the sector to gain access to this region.
The four components to this program focus on the following key areas for strengthening the Ontario/ LA relationship: increasing the contact network in LA, increasing awareness of Ontario offerings in LA, connecting key contacts from both regions, and bridging the gap between the two markets. These initiatives will provide support for three key clusters identified by Interactive Ontario: cross-platform, kids interactive media, and digital games.

Magmic, Playbrains,
Fuel Entertainment,

Algonquin College , Glitchsoft, Zeebu Mobile,
Sylien Games

Ottawa Centre for Regional Innovation,
Knowmads Inc., Snowed-In-Studios, International Game Developers Association Ottawa, Export Development Canada

The Ottawa Game Summit
The Ottawa Game Summit will bring people who work in game industry together for a day of professional development and networking. The purpose is to gather the Eastern Ontario game community in order to inspire each other by showcasing locally created games that have been successful on a global scale, to bring in compelling speakers to keep us world class in terms of planning and growing our game development businesses, and to engender collaboration.

Mobile Experience Innovation Centre

OCAD University, Interactive Ontario, Corus Entertainment

IBM Canada, nGen - Niagara Interactive Media Generator, Microsoft Canada, Canadian Media Production Association

The Mobile Experience Innovation Centre (MEIC) will establish MEIC-Net to create a competitive advantage for Ontario’s mobile media cluster by offering services and events to better connect key facets of Ontario’s mobile media ecosystem. This project is designed to increase the productivity of content producers by reducing production and development costs as well as barriers to knowledge and talent.

Re:Sound Music Licencing Company

Canadian Independent
Music Association, Audio-Visual Licensing

The CMDB (Canadian Music Database)
This project will create a robust, functional, complete and searchable Canadian Music Database by reconciling existing data collected by the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) with data collected by Re:Sound Music Licensing Company and other industry stakeholders (such as AVLA). By creating a complete and highly functional database of independent music created in Canada and of performers who played on tracks, we can help to ensure that more artists in Ontario will be paid royalties due and that artists and record companies based in the province will gain exposure for their work.

Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Computer Animation Studios Ontario

Digital Media Leaders
Sheridan has been in discussions with CASO regarding our interest to develop a comprehensive marketing and communication strategic and tactical implementation plan for the five programs launched in 2010-11 through the 2009 Partnership Fund. Concurrently, there has been great interest by the partners in the development of additional specialized professional development programming to complement our newly launched pilot initiatives created through the Partnership Fund.

The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

The Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA), Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA), CTV, Music Canada, and Society of Composers, Authors and Music
Publishers of Canada (SOCAN).

Feasibility Study for a "JUNO Portal"
The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) and secondary partners CTV, Music Canada, CIMA (Canadian Independent Music Association), CMPA (Canadian Music Publishers Association), and SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) will create a feasibility study for a “JUNO Portal.” CARAS will tender out and commission an external party to conduct this study. The goals of this project include determining whether we should launch a new extension to our existing website, the form that it should take, and the creation of a strategic plan for sustained investment and growth.

Toronto International Film Festival Inc.

Directors Guild of Canada

Ubisoft Toronto, Women in Film and Television - Toronto, The Academy of Canadian Film and Television

TIFF Studio
TIFF Studio provides both learning opportunities and digital training resources, as well as live and virtual environments that are focused on bringing Ontario’s cultural industries to a new level of recognition and commerce. TIFF Studio, a year-round industry programming series which will include:an online hub of digital resources including best practices research, business model guides and video captured content; Canada’s most expansive and comprehensive industry delegate database; A talent development program that enables Ontario’s content producers to learn from top industry talent; Formal product development programs that build more commercially-viable screen stories

York University

Canadian Film Centre

Cinespace Film Studios, Arc Productions, Christie Digital Systems, IMAX Corporation, PS Production Services Ltd.,
Sheridan College, 3D Camera Company,
Computer Animation Studios of Ontario, Creative Post Inc., Ryerson University, Side Effects Software, Ontario Centres of Excellence

The 3D Film Consortium (3D FLIC): Phase 2
This project will build on the success of the OMDC funded 3D Film Consortium (3D FLIC) to build the brand, strengthen and extend the network and improve and promote the capacity of Toronto as a first rate center for high-quality stereoscopic 3D film production.