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2018-19 Successful Recipients

Organization Title Amount

Centre for Aboriginal Media (imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival)

Indigenous Screen: Towards an International Strategy for Collaboration and Growth  $22,500.00

Cultural Careers Council Ontario (WorkInCulture)


Understanding Talent Retention


Documentary Organization of Canada


The Canadian Documentary Sector in Review: Trends, Opportunities and the Way Forward


eBOUND Canada


Using Keywords to Improve Ebook Discoverability


Game Arts International Network (GAIN)


Exhibition and Networking Opportunities for Videogame Creators


Interactive Ontario


Measuring Success: The Impact of the Interactive Digital Media Sector in Ontario 2018 edition


Interactive Ontario


Interactive Digital Media Marketing & Discoverability Report


Toronto International Film Festival Inc. (TIFF)


Business Intelligence Initiative Supporting Canadian Film Industry Trends


Women in View


On Screen 2018