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Funding Programs

Through consultation with stakeholders, Ontario Creates has created a range of programs to provide Ontario’s cultural entrepreneurs from the book and magazine publishing, film and television production, sound recording and interactive digital media content production industries with the opportunity to grow their businesses. Program strands include:

  • Business Initiatives provide a range of Business to Business (B2B) events, within and across sectors, and international borders, to foster collaboration, encourage innovation, build business, share best practices and provide networking opportunities. 
  • Content and Marketing Funds - Ontario Creates Book Fund, Film Fund, Interactive Digital Media Fund and Magazine Fund provide financial and strategic support to assist in the creation of new content, and marketing projects that accelerate the growth of Ontario companies.
  • Industry Development Program provides support to Ontario’s cultural entrepreneurs by partnering with established trade and event organizations to offer initiatives, events and activities that stimulate the growth of the cultural media industries.
  • Export Fund  Export Fund - Book, Export Fund - Film & Television, and Export Fund - Interactive Digital Media enable Ontario companies to pursue export development activities including market event attendance and targeted sales trips.
  • Trillium Book Award established by the Ontario government in 1987, recognizes excellence, supports marketing and fosters increased public awareness of the quality and diversity of Ontario writers and writing.
  • Ontario Creates Funding Recipients
  • Entertainment and Creative Cluster - Partnerships Fund - Please note that the Entertainment and Creative Cluster - Partnerships Fund has concluded as of March 31st 2012. No further deadlines will be posted. The list of funding recipients can be found on the funding recipients page
  • Research Grants provide financial support directly to incorporated not-for-profit industry organizations undertaking research initiatives that support or complement the mandate of Ontario Creates.
  • How to be a Juror - Ontario Creates is seeking applications from qualified industry professionals to be considered as jurors for the following funding programs: Book Fund, Film Fund, Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Fund, Magazine Fund and Music Fund.
  • Program Deadlines

Enquiries regarding Ontario Creates programs should be directed to the Coordinator, Industry Initiatives.
Phone: 416-642-6695416-642-6695
Email: programs@ontariocreates.ca

Enquiries regarding Research should be directed to:
Research and Strategic Planning department
Phone: 416-314-6858416-314-6858
Email: research@ontariocreates.ca

Funding Deadlines

Film Fund - Production
CYCLE 3: October 30, 2019

Business Intelligence Program
October 22, 2019

OMF - Live Music
October 3, 2019, by 5pm ET

OMF - Music Futures (Live)
October 3, 2019, by 5pm ET

OMF - Music Industry Development
October 24, 2019, by 5pm ET

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